The Garden Grows

But before I get on to the garden, let me talk about my exploding stove.

Okay – it didn’t actually go boom. But there I was, after hanging my laundry on the line (yay!) preheating the oven to put in my overnight sourdough bread. It seemed to be taking a rather long time. I went over to the oven and noticed a strange light coming from the inside. Ah! Fire!

“Well,” I said to myself, “That can’t be right.” I observed it a bit and noticed it travelling the length of the bottom element. Also – there was a lot of smoke and a smell that wasn’t exactly enjoyable.

Hmm, I thought. And so I opened the oven door to further investigate. Yup – smoke pouring out. Not good. I turned off the oven and opened a window (also turned on the oven fan.)

The fire went out. This, I thought, was good. In the meantime, I also reminded myself of the location of the fire extinguisher.

All was well when Simon came in from the garden a few minutes later. He pulled out the stove, had a look at certain things and declared the stove a dead range. Not resting. Not pining for the fjords. Dead. An ex-stove.

And there I was with bread that needed to be baked. I called Sheila. She was home. Yes, she said, I’ll preheat the oven. Come over. I did, suitably masked and surgically gloved – and we kept a huge distance. And then, Sheila also gave me a black-eyed Susan. Yay!

I came home an hour later with two loaves of bread and a new plant for the garden.

In the meantime, Simon was doing magical things with wood. One of those was building a new raised bed. And now we have marionberries in a new bed. And they were also a gift from a lovely client.

And so the garden continues to expand. We have fruit trees and all kinds of berries. Today I planted out the cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower and sowed the dill seeds. The spinach is up; the lettuce is up. The birds have been enjoying the pea seeds – I planted more.

And the hummingbirds have been in pugnacious attack mode. Don’t they realize we are feeding them? Do they think the feeders just fill themselves? (answer – peobably, yes.)

Having a wonderful time!

Pricing out ranges tomorrow. Buying a new stove.


But then – life happens. You gotta roll with it. And get a giggle out of it while you do.

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Moving On

I unfriended and blocked another person on Facebook today. I don’t like to do it, but there comes a time when I have to say, “enough!”

The Covid-19 conspiracy theories are nuts. People are ignoring the evidence of hudnreds of scientists and instead are accepting the words of one person on video – one person with an axe to grind – one person with no credentials.

I am so done with that.

That doesn’t mean I buy into everything I hear from politicians and the media. I have a healthy dose of skepticism. I examine what I read and hear. For instance, the film Planet of the Humans. I am all for what Michael Moore said today – that he wants to wake people up, shake people up and do essentially, what Greta Thunberg did – figuratively whack people upside the head and make them see what dire straits this planet is in.

But where Greta used facts and evidence, Jeff Gibbs used out of date information from less than credible sources. Telling the truth matters. Lies are also told by omission.

So there you have it – some thoughts of the day. Other and happier thoughts: the garden: transplanting, weeding, watering, watching it thrive and helping it grow.

Also – a nice walk with Abby and Alisa today on the Awesome Trail.

Sun and warmth and love. And maybe, later today a glass of wine – while cooking and baking and being a “settler woman.” Gad! What has become of me? Please call an intervention if you see me in a muslin gown with a bonnet on my head.

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What I really wanted today was a long walk, hopefully uphill and definitely long enough to warrant a lunch. And I got it and loved it.

I did the Dove Hill/Brilliant Overlook hike above Castlegar. This hike is usually pretty busy. I saw one person all day.

It was warm. It was sunny. Flowers everywhere.

Bluebird sky.

And I came home to see more amazing work my fabulous Love did in the garden.

The one thing I mused on today during a hike where thinking was not a priority – how miraculous it actually is that in a world full of so many people, two find each other and somehow it works. Somehow these two people choose to spend their lives together and make it work – and become inseparable.

I don’t for one minute believe there is only one soul mate out there for each of us. On a planet of billions that would be absurd. But still, two people can find each other and want just that one person to the exclusion of all other possibilities.

I think that’s miraculous.

Lucky me.

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Butter Mountain

As I just told Alisa – I feel like a settler woman.

Baking, laundry, weeding, sowing seeds, making a fire – all of the endless domestic things you do when you’re living “on the land.”

In a way it feels a bit surreal – in a whole bigger way, it feels awfully good. I suppose it gives some purpose and meaning – not in the big sense of changing the world, but perhaps in the more important sense of having some small impact on my little world.

At any rate, I also needed to get out, so early this morning, Abby and I went to Butter and did the lower half of the mountain. It felt good to stretch and work my whole body. Bigger hike coming up tomorrow.

After lunch I got out into the garden – got cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower into the ground – and more lettuce. I mean, can you ever have too much lettuce?

I think not.

And then weeding the rhubarb patch. I swear I pulled out a comfrey root that was making its way to Bali (who can blame it?) and a quack grass root that was halfway to Nashville.

Next on the schedule: shepherd’s pie for dinner.

If the weather report does what it’s supposed to do, I may dig out my shorts tomorrow morning. Exciting!

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I watched an interesting 30-minute film on YouTube – and it summed up for me reasons to be optimistic.

You can watch it here:

This is a non-heated, reasonable, thoughtful, scene-by-scene analysis of where this film went wrong as well as where it went right.

It also ends with hope – which the origianl film does not.

At any rate, watch it for yourself. It’s pretty cool. What it did for me was give me hope in all things. The big picture – of which I am a part (we all are) is challenging but I feel quite sure that if Simon and I continue on the path we are on, one step at a time, one garden bed at a time, one onion bulb at a time, we will live a hopeful, productive and happy life.

Rain today – all day – and oh how things are greening and growing.


Such a miracle.

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Just the garden

Actually, it would have been nice if today had been just about the garden, but this morning I had to go to Nakusp to get my tires changed. And then I went to Save-On to shop.

Unfuckingbelievable. Yes, the store had one-way signs and plexiglass shields for cashiers. But did anyone pay attention to distancing? Not one bloody person.

I honestly wanted to hit someone, especially when they made fun of my face mask.



There – got that off my chest.

So I did get home shortly after 1 p.m. and I weeded and watered and planned.

Tomorrow: sourdough bread and pancakes, laundry (on the line) and cleaning and sowing more seeds and more weeding and watering. In other words, the garden spring/summer routine has begun. Simon has almost completed the fencing on the garden.

I have a suspicious it’s going to be a bountiful year – in many ways.

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When I chose my word for 2020, “transformation” – little did I think it would apply to a garden.

But it did and does.

All three of us spent the day doing mammoth work. We cleared all the thimbleberries from the big patch in front of the old cabin. And Simon did the rather nasty job of emptying an ancient satellite dish, which we believe was used as a communal bathtub (given we found remnants of a robe in it as well as a mug and things that are best not spoken of). We edged the bed and dug out enormous rocks and boulders. Then heaped compost on top and then topsoil mixed with manure – and then planted.

Oh yes – the entire pool-sized satellite dish is no more. Instead we have trees and shrubs and perennials.

Then we (Alisa) moved the compost from the pile to the hugel, which is now almost complete. I believe Simon is going to top it all with soil before the end of the day and we’ll be ready to do enormous amounts of squash.

I know we did more than that. I moved dirt. And water buckets. And I planted alpine strawberries. And potted up broccoli. So much stuff.

But yes, this entire place is being transformed into a small Eden and I love it.

Happy and content.

More to come. Hey – it’s a garden – Much more to come.

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