Wolf Ridge


What a glorious day to snowshoe up Wolf Ridge and wander the big bowl up there. We had snow and warmth and sunshine and views.

Just plain wow!

Yes – we did mega social distancing and no  car pooling.

The best part of the day? driving home and realizing I was truly home.

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Isolation continues

Right. Here we are – an interesting day. Oh look! Snow! No, wait – sun. Nope. Snowstorm and hell, the roads are slushy and icy and snow-covered. But wait: it stopped snowing. Lovely. Let’s go for a walk on the property. Oh – it’s snowing. And look, I’m sinking into the snow. No – actually slipping on the icy surface. Need spikes. Oops, sticky snow. Snow buildup on icers.

And now the sun is out and, wait for it – snowstorm.

So today’s activities consisted of a quick run to the Slocan market where, happily, we were the only customers and then two walks on the property with the dogs. There was napping and reading and sharing a lot of, “ look at this meme!” As well as, “let me read you this bit!”

Like so many couples around the world, we are discovering how awesome it is to be at home together. This is why we bought booze today.

In other news, we have also been reading the news. This is probably not a good thing. Regardless, I am going to spew off on one thing. All the “centrist” Democrats who voted for Joe Biden. Still think it’s a good idea? As I see it (and I expect disagreement), it’s Bernie’s ideas and policies that we need now. Those are the ones that will save actual people rather than corporations who could have been preparing for a rainy day rather than stock buy backs.

Ok – what’s next? Maybe Scrabble? Can 2 people play CAH?

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Abby is fine with being isolated.

Come to that, so am I.

Simon and I are doing fine – other than being extremely disappointed with our various levels of government and the individual idiots who continue to think that gathering in crowds and sidling up to other people is perfectly fine.

First, I am done with governments giving huge handouts to corporations and mere scraps to people.

In BC people are being evicted right now. If you want to get help, you can’t apply until April And then you get a pittance of what you earned. How are we supposed to eat or keep a roof over our heads?

The NDP suggested a one-time payment to individuals of $1,000. That will go far in Vancouver. Or anywhere, really. Meanwhile, corporations like banks are thriving on disaster capitalism. Sure, defer your mortgage, but then you get to pay more  because they will charge interest on top of the missed interest payments.

This is not good enough. Period.

Governments have to start doing their jobs: work for the people. Governments were created to protect people from predatory corporations. interestingly, it’s the corporations that are being protected. This is BS.

Airlines in trouble? Give them a loan. The airlines have used record profits in the last few years for stock buy-backs.

People are suffering. The only solution? Give people a guaranteed basic income. I see no other way. Every other solution does little or nothing for people and is putting them under huge stress. That’s the last thing we need. If people ae afraid of losing their homes, they will go to work when they should not.

The government needs to do its job – work for people. Care for people. Put people first.

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Social Distancing

One of the issues with social distancing? Everyone is at home!

Yay! That’s good.

And everyone is on the Internet at the same time. This is probably fine if you’re in a big city with high speed. Not so much if you’re in the middle of nowhere and trying to upload photos.

I am giving up.

No photos.

Just the facts.

Simon and I took the pups for a long walk/snowshoe in an undisclosed location today. It was a pretty fine outing. Gorgeous.

Life is proceeding in fine fashion.

We shopped for groceries afterwards at the little store in Slocan. The proprietors have taken super measures to ensure distancing and are even dispensing plastic gloves as you walk into the store. And I find it hard to believe that so many people still don’t get it. I had to back off and duck around corners far too many times.

But here we are, cozy at home, about to have fun. I have baked cookies. Simon is going to make a big pot of chili. Life is good.

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Domestic day and the state of things

I promised myself a domestic day.

I delivered!

So after all the baking, laundry and cleaning were done, it was time to get out with Abby on the Galena Trail. The solitude and silence gave my mind time to wander.

This is not necessarily a good thing.

I thought mostly about the state of our world. i find it curious that those among us who are empathetic, kind and loving are finding the silver lining in all this. And I don’t deny that many people are being kind to others. And helpful – and finding beautiful and innovative ways to love their families,  friends, and community.

But I also see the predators. And I am angry.

I see senators in the United States who, having had insider information, sold off their stocks and made money, while telling the public there was nothing to worry about.

I see airlines who were making record profits in the last few years, demanding  (not asking) for help. And those profits? they used 95% for stock buybacks to enrich themselves.

I see our government ready to once again bail out the oil and gas industries – that’s my money those evil people ar getting. Quite frankly, I would rather see my money go toward food and  shelter for those in need.

And while bankers and huge corporations are getting monster infusions of cash (with no one asking ”but where is that money coming from?), you and I are struggling with the threat of evictions if we can’t make our rent this month. And all that talk of assistance? you can’t even apply until April for the tiny pittance being offered. Good luck with food and other necessities until then.

I am truly angry with those who tout the virtues of capitalism. If you really believe in capitalism, then let private industry die if it can’t keep iself alive. all that help and all those bailouts are socialism. Capitalism, it seems, only applies to the poor.

I am so done with this entire system. It doesn’t work, or, at least, it only works for the robber barons. Not for you and I. The time for revolution is now.

When all of this is done, I just hope we don’t go back to ”normal.”

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Sherpa Ridge

Yes, we practiced huge social distancing – at least 20 feet away from each other. And we had a wonderful time.

The sky was blue. The sun was warm. The company was a delight. we grunted our way to the top of the ridge. Then the fun of the ridge and the amazing views. I couldn’t imagine a more veautiful place for lunch with views to Ymir Peak and beyond.

Then it was time for the fun to begin: down. Down steep. Small problem: we had no powder. Where the sun shone, the snow was sticky and slushy. In the trees, it was slippy. Very slippy. And steep. And there were cliffs and boulders.

the good news is that nobody died.

And the best news: we had a wonderful time.

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It was a perfect day to do something lovely that didn’t involve being social. So Simon and I took the pups to Syringa. We hiked the trail to the lake where we we had lunch on the beach in the warmth of the sunshine. We hiked back. We ran into Ben and Nora and the grandkids, keeping an appropriate distance apart.

And that was quite perfect because not only was I able to insult him (and  receive verbal abuse back) but I was also able to confirm where and when to meet tomorrow for a snowshoe trip up Sherpa Ridge.

I am sure we will have a lovely snowshoe and because we have to stay at least six feet apart we can argue even louder than usual.

Simon and I had and are having a beautiful time. Love is the best thing.


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