Thanks to Kathleen for this photo of four of us yesterday – contemplating our jump into the void. Yes, parts of our downward trip were steep.

Today – rain and domesticity for the most part.

I was going to do some work in the garden but it can wait. I am NOT digging around in manure when it’s wet and cold – I’ll leave that to Simon. (yes – he’s out there today – my heart truly goes out to him.)

Thoughts today – I am letting them germinate. I got more information from the Hoffman Institute: the more I learn, the more I want to do this thing. I wish I was the kind of person who would start a gofundme page to be able to afford it. But I’m not. I’m going to have to figure it out.

I will figure it out.

This is the right time for me to confront everything in my past that is holding me back from living in the light – from living in love.

I think this is the most important thing. Everything else will fall into place after that.

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Sherpa Ridge and Peak

Now that the Whitewater ski hill is closed, we have access to all the ridges and peaks on that side of the valley. Today, Kathleen, Peter, Ben, Cecilia and I tackled Sherpa Peak and Ridge.

We would have done Prospector and Hummingbird Peaks as well – but the weather was such that, as Cecilia put it, “I have no love for bagging those peaks today.”

At the top it was crazy windy and so cold it was full-on winter.

That said, what a fabulous, amazing and wonderful group of people. I love how different all are and how well we mesh.

It was a great day – lots of putting layers on and off, tons of huffing and puffing uphill, and wonderful weather – really: the clouds rolled in and out and in the afternoon, some sun broke through creating an almost magical light.

And – here’s the great part – I did NOT fall on the way down, thus not further injuring my ribs. Yay!

Yes, I was more careful that usual – and slower coming down, but darnitall – it means I will hike and snowshoe again another day. And that day is coming soon!

One last note: fabulous to see Kathleen again after her Nepal/Everest trek. What an adventure!

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At Home

Thanks to Robin for this photo from yesterday – a quick snack at the top and then booting it back down.

Today, Simon started work again. And me? Well, baked bread, did my nails and hair and had what I will bravely call a “rest day.”

I keep wanting to address important issues in my life but it seems that my brain is also having a rest day – or multiple rest days in truth. It does not want to tackle anything at all. The minute I open that door even the tiniest crack, it yells – “Nope! Nothing to see here!”

Hence my strong desire to take part in the Hoffman Method.

I’ve worked on myself in my life – of yes I have. And after all these years, there is still a ton of work to do. It came to me in my sleep last night – or at least part-sleep – where some of my patterns come from.

My father.

Surprise! (not)

I’m just another human being doing my best to grow out of learned behaviours and coping mechanisms from childhood. And after all these years, there they still are.

Is it possible to ever be truly free of these gossamer chains?

Probably not. But the more I unshackle myself, the better off I will be.

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Today I was reminded of early spring hiking on Vancouver Island: rain and lots of it. Oh yes – also running rillets and soggy puddles. What made this even more exciting though, was that we had wet snow to contend with at the top of the hill (mountain?) and icy patches along the way.

To add to our general fun outing was the temperature – three degrees when we started out and not getting all that much warmer along the way. We did see sun and patches of blue sky on the way down – this caused us all untold joy.

Clearly, however, people in the Koots are spoiled when it comes to the no-rain situation. As our leader explained to us: 24 people signed up to come on the hike. Five of us actually went.

Bunch of wimps. (insert smiley face here)

It was a good day – four hours of hiking, which was good for my sore ribs. I discovered today that the worst thing I can do to them is give them a jolt, which happened often on the way down. You know – those big steps down off rocks or logs.

The hot bath when I cam home was heaven!

The sun shining in through my window right now is all the therapy I need.

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Mostly it Hurts

This photo is apropos of nothing – just a shot I took yesterday when the snow eased off just enough to not risk damaging my camera.

Today is one of those domestic days: baking, laundry, cleaning – the usual three. Oh yes, and walking the dogs.

The big issue right now is these damn ribs. I’m beginning to think I may have cracked one or two. This sure feels like more than bruising. That said, there’s not much you can do about ribs other than suffer through it (quietly, although I do seem to be making a fair amount of noise.). Simon mentioned that I was crying in my sleep. Yeah – turning over in bed and then finding a comfortable place to lie is a challenge.

Walking the dogs today on Carpenter Creek felt more like a big hike.

So I’m laying low until tomorrow when I’m off on a KMC hike. Simon suggested that I call it off and rest. Clearly he forgot the cardinal rule that applies everywhere to everything: the answer to everything is hiking.

So I shall hike tomorrow.

I wanted to address the future today; I wanted to think. But the fact is that when I’m in pain, it not only extends to all of my body, it also makes my brain foggy. This is not a good time to think.

So I shan’t.

Perhaps later in the week.

But not today. Whew – escaped that task!

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White Queen and Mount Beattie

What a day!

It was plan B all the way.

We scrapped Wolf Ridge because of the rather disagreeable weather forecast. We decided instead to keep it simple and local – White Queen. Although Ben did say that he thought it was an awful idea.

I agreed – Hell, no one needs to go up White Queen 11 times in one season.

But what the heck, eh?

And so we started off in spitting rain and worked our way up into light snow. I had warned the others that I might be a tad slow because since my crash on Monday into a giant snow rock-like entity on Evening Ridge, my ribs have been hurting more and more – so my breathing on the way up was a bit impaired. And boy, that affects everything!

But all was well. We followed a fresh set of snowshoe tracks, surely made by whoever had come in a blue truck (the only other vehicle in the parking lot). They must have been just ahead of us but we never did catch up. My guess was that it might be Gene the Machine or Peter O.

At any rate, up we went and there, at the top of White Queen, the tracks stopped. What happened? Did he put on a monkey suit and jump over the edge.

We found a better explanation. The tracks doubled back a short distance and went down the gully to the valley between White Queen and Beattie.

Well, we said – may as well go down that way – much more fun than going back the way we came.

And this was the best part of the day. The snow up here – and it was cold and snowing – was a bit heavy but deep enough that we could glide down almost effortlessly on our snowshoes. Such a pleasure!

And then we were on the Beattie Ridge still following the track.But where we had planned to go down into the valley and back out, the track headed up to Beattie.

Oh hell – why not? It was early. We hadn’t even had lunch yet.

And so up we went to the top of Beattie, which is where my nausea kicked in – damn ribs.

But we happily arrived at the top and had lunch in the shelter of trees that dripped water and bits of ice on us and then we booted it down – still following the mystery tracks.

I loved our route – the ridge is wonderful and the way down is gentle – and that’s what I needed today.

Yeah – it was raining at the bottom and the snow got slushy but you know what they say: “A bad day hiking is better than a good day doing anything else!”

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Buchanan Access

Today’s non-snowshoe hike was considerably more successful than yesterday’s. Despite Simon’s serious doubts, we got to the Buchanan Access trailhead near Kaslo and began hiking with NO SNOW on the trail.

We went up and along and up and – well, the usual (up) for quite some time. We didn’t hit snow until we got to the little ponds in the trees place. The hollow and lack of sun had kept the consolidated snow here. We chose this place to turn back and then went up to the high point at the junction.

And then we went back down. It was a satisfying, good early shoulder season hike.

The puppies loved it although they both had a tad of trouble getting back up the stairs when we got home. Two days in a row – they’ll get a rest day tomorrow.

I won’t. It’ll be back to snowshoes. Hoping for no rain.

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