I don’t do well with uncertainty. I don’t think any of us do. And even though many things in my life are certain – there are a whole lot of things that still need to fall into place.

And maybe my problem isn’t so much a question of “Will this happen?” but more “What the fuck is taking so long?”

Yup – probably the latter.

Ok – the home assessment for Simon’s mortgage – how the hell long are we supposed to wait for this guy to show up? I mean – really? You want a mortgage and you wait days and days and days and no word from this guy? Huh? Where in the world is this normal? (had to spew off on that one.)

And my move – I have everything in place – but I have no actual date for the current tenant to move out. Yes – Pat and Paul will put me up in their home and/or trailer temporarily – but for how long? Akkkk!

Ok. Just breathe. I want everything to go smoothly. And it will – I just have to breathe. There are things I can’t control. I have to focus on what I can control.

Sometimes it just seems there’s very little in the latter category.

That said, I did manage to get the sheets in off the line before the raindrops hit.

And tomorrow is a trail-building day at White Queen – mostly marking the trail, I believe – and I have been looking forward to this. A summer trail up there will be a delight. And I know I will feel good about contributing to that.

And I will be hiking on Wednesday – maybe Gimli. And that will be utterly swell. And Idaho Peak on Saturday. And during my in-between time, I know I can thoroughly organize everything I need to bring to the Hoffman Process.

Focussing on those things that I can control…

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Trade Dollar Trail to Baby Texas

What a spectacularly satisfying, bliss and beauty filled day!

I should probably leave it at that and let the photos tell the story. But no – I am going to jabber on for a bit.

I took the Trade Dollar Trail to Reco (Hollywood) ridge. I got lucky in that I was able to hitch a ride from Sandon to Cody! So then, up and up. I ran into Cody Rob on the way back (on the road) and we chatted for a while about the trail. He had cleaned up a ton of it but we also talked about the gnarly bits. After this past winter, some of those bits have graduated from gnarly to sketchy. The exposure has become, shall we say, “interesting.”

He seems pretty game to do some work on those bits.

But no matter, I got up to the ridge, put on my gaiters and headed for Baby Texas. What the hell is Baby Texas? you may well ask.

Well, there’s that steep meadow you freelance up before you get to the ridge that goes to the first Texas Peak. And because it has no name, I decided to call it Baby Texas. I mentioned this to Cody Rob who thought it was a perfect name. So there – it has been christened.

At any rate, up through snow and over fresh meadow and through a massive field of anemones and glacier lilies and topped out! Awesome!

There was no question of even attempting Texas. The ridge was one long knife-edge cornice.

So – lunch in the meadow – and also keeping an ear tuned to bears because this is a grizzly meadow.

And then back down.

And, in a word, it was a perfect day.

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Rail Trail Walk

I had a nice walk today, mainly because it was a morning spent with my beautiful niece.

We met in Winlaw and walked along a beautiful section of the rail trail. The puppies were delighted and Shanara even got to jump into the pond (swamp) and chase sticks. Abby was delighted simply to lie down in the cool water. Yes, it was hot!

And there was Shanara, walking sedately on the leash with Sandi – with me she just pulls.

Hmmm. Clearly I don’t have Sandi’s magic touch.

So we walked and talked and caught up with each other and it was lovely. She is a woman with a gigantic heart and I am so glad to be related to her.

And then, after a long nap, I pulled weeds in the garden and got bitten a thousand times by mosquitoes.

Tomorrow – an adventure.

And gosh – I wish every single thing about this move was settled. I am finding it stressful and disconcerting to still have a few balls up in the air. I don’t like it.

Deep breath – just let it be.

Looking forward to the Hoffman Process more than anything else – and wishing it was tomorrow.

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Mount Plewman Traverse

I organized a KMC trip today – the Mount Plewman Traverse. It attracted a surprisingly large group of people – 14 in all – a terrific group; everyone appeared to have a great time. We couldn’t have asked for finer hiking weather. It was warm but not hot and sunny and enough of a breeze to keep the bugs away.

The snow was minimal but still glad we brought out gaiters.

And that’s that – the photos can tell the rest of the story.

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Check Marks

I started the day with a mighty list. And I can hardly believe it – I ticked off everything!

The big things: booking the U-Haul truck, making ferry reservations, getting hold of Pat and confirming my moving day. Hell, I even had time to call my bro. I baked cookies, did laundry, vacuumed, watered the garden, which seems redundant now, given the thunderstorms and rain. And that means that poor Shanara is hiding in the downstairs shower stall and no amount of effort will get her upstairs.

I cancelled Kokanee Glacier Park and that felt incredibly sad – I was so very much looking forward to Glory Basin.

Abby Wilson was incredibly wonderful about changing my “going-away” hike to the 6th of July because later in the month was just not going to work.

And so the move is on and I have crazy mixed feelings. Simon said yesterday that although I may not think so now, I am going to miss this place.

He’s right. I already have a lump in my throat. I am going to miss the incredible alpine here. I am going to miss the amazing people I met through KMC – some of the finest people ever. I am going to miss Shanara and I am going to miss Simon and that last one is where I refuse to let my mind or heart go. Not yet. Not now.

So I am forging ahead, ticking things off.

Tomorrow, a club hike to Mount Plewman; on Saturday a visit with my niece – and I am very much looking forward to that. On Sunday I hope to hike somewhere and on Monday – well, that would seem a good time to start going through the shed. It’s time to start getting things together. Packing.

But no matter how busy it gets, I know that for my mental health and well-being, I still have to keep making time for the alpine.

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Lost Mountain

It’s been ages since Nicky and I hiked together so today was a real treat. Very nice to know that we still share the same “hiking brain.”

So – Lost Mountain. A wonderful early season hike. But boy – was it ever hot!

But never mind – up we went, through gorgeous wild flowers and up out of the trees and finally to the top where we had wonderful views and a nice lunch before heading down and down and down. (Did I mention it’s a really long way up?)

Really a perfect day – that’s all. Browse the photos and you’ll see what I mean. See those happy smiles at the summit?

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Whitewater Canyon

Peter and I were hoping to get as far as the hump on the Whitewater Canyon trail. We didn’t even get close. We set out all right. We scrambled over snow and boulders – and then the trail finally disappeared. We looked up at the route and deemed it too dangerous. We might have made it up that steep snow slide. Back down would have been a problem.

So now we know that the good early season trails are Brennan (Lyle Lakes) and Jardine. Whitewater – not so much.

So we got back early enough that Simon and I could head off to RHC Insurance to switch car ownerships – Three hours!!!

My head feels like it’s wrapped in cotton fuzz.

And now I have to get ready for a big hike tomorrow and I may be dragging my ass and I don’t much care.

Whew! One more thing ticked off the list.

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