Carpenter Pass

Today, in the friggin’ heat, Simon and Sheila and I headed up Carpenter Pass.


The best mountain scenery, the best company – what more really is there to say?

The photos can do all the talking.

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More Heat

Okay – it’s hot.

Simon and I worked for a while today – Simon more hours than me. But gosh, gardening – at home or at a client’s house – is hot work these days.

But we did it and I did it and I’m doing the last of the gardening watering now. Basically – watering all day. And weeding – and harvesting. The harvesting is hot and heavy now (there we go with hot again). Now – what to do with all this food. Carrot soup. Freeze peas. Make lots of veggie meals (thank goodness we’re vegetarian.).

Tonight: potatoes, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, garlic scapes, peas, herbs.

Tons of food.


Tomorrow – hiking.

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White Queen in the Heat

When I got back to the car today, after hiking White Queen, the temperature said 37 degrees.

My chocolate in my backpack had melted. And yes, I ate it anyway. That’s what baby wipes are for.

Today’s hike involved some bushwhacking.

But it was beautiful and being up there was wonderful. I scattered my friend’s ashes (just a teensy vial). I’d been carrying them around for a long time – taking her on all my hikes. White Queen – she was a queen – an empress, in fact.

It seemed the right time and place. I heard the voice that told me to do it.

And now – photos. It’s really much too hot to write more.

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Still Hot

I’m going to assume that it’s as hot as yesterday – I have not looked at the thermometer. I don’t think I need to.

It’s hot.

My energy has completely drained. I was okay this morning: baked bread, did the laundry, cleaned the house – and then: kaboom!


I started watering – that’s fine. And then I decided to weed. I got out the hoe and half-heartedly wandered around, giving a swipe at some horsetail here and there. Walking from the upper to the lower garden – that was enough to work up a sweat.

I have decided to be lethargic. The weeds aren’t so bad.

I shall focus on watering.

And getting my pack ready for a hike tomorrow.

I have a sneaking suspicion that I shall hike slowly.

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Beyond Hot

First – once again a thank-you to Scott Wilson for the photo.

Today is nothing like that day. Today, the thermometer outside the door (in the shade) reads 40 degrees!

It’s hot.

I picked almost 12 pounds of blueberries today on the farm down the road. Yay! Hopefully doing the same thing again next week.

Then, after lunch, the garden. Trying to keep it all watered while monitoring the water pressure constantly – my gosh. And then weeding, picking peas and raspberries and doing all the other garden chores (starting more new strawberries.)

Every few minutes, I have to pop into the cool kitchen for water – cold water and lots of it.

And I am not going to complain. Winter will arrive.

I am happy in bare feet and a tank top.

But the dogs are not allowed to walk in this. Not sure if they’re happy.

Okay – back to watering. And a salad – veggies and potatoes and all the stuff from the garden. Tzatziki dressing. And when I think I have it tough, I think of my Sweetie, working all day (8 hours) in this heat. Whew! Love him so much.

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Temperatures in the mid to upper thirties – and what were Simon and I doing today? Building a garden – south facing of course so that we could get the benefit of the full sun.

The garden is on a steep slope, making the endeavour even more fun!

And truthfully, it was fun: there’s something terribly satisfying about seeing a blank patch of dirt, then the drawing, then a mass of plants, and then the finished product of plants in the ground. I only put in half a day but even after that, the area was transformed.

So, right after lunch ad\nd grocery shopping, what did I do? Got out in the garden of course. Water. In this heat, I can think of only one thing when I look at the garden: water, and lots of it.

I also seeded our new areas with chard, onions, beans, dill and radishes: fall crops and cover crops. The beans may just be bean sprouts but that’s good too. Food.

Our food forest is taking shape every day.

And now – dolmades.

No rest for the productive.

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Cornice Ridge

Can you say hot?

When Alison and I got back to our cars today, it was 34 degrees – or maybe 35 or 36 – who knows? I can tell you though – it was hot!

And that accounts for our slow-ish pace up Cornice Ridge. There is no way I am going to trot uphill in that kind of weather.

But I am NOT complaining. It was gorgeous and it was a new destination. That in itself is exciting.

The nice thing about starting at Kootenay Pass is that you’re in the subalpine immediately – and the views were wonderful!

What else can I say? Lunch at the summit cairn gave us the best outdoor patio in the region.

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Once again, thanks to Scott Wilson for the photo of our hike on Friday. My gosh, he does take wonderful photos.

As to the title, “exhausted” – it has nothing to do with hiking.

Simon and I had a firewood and gardening day: me mostly gardening and Simon mostly firewood. I just helped stack stuff – and Simon hugely helped with pulling out some monster roots.

I created two more garden beds today, because, hey – I don’t have nearly enough to do in the garden yet. (right!)

It’s amazing how exhausting that sort of physical work is – pulling out thimble berries, comfrey, and horsetail. Some roots are several feet long.

Although I have to say that I became quite handy with the pickaxe today. Is that a skill that goes on a resume?

I got so hot and sweaty out there that I finally took my T-shirt off. Simon said something about, “I love my life,”

Now all I have to do is get my pack ready for tomorrow: Cornice Ridge. A new hike at Kootenay Pass. Yay!

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Tons of Chores

Thanks to Scott Wilson for this photo from yesterday’s hike: the last bit up the Reco summit block.

Today – an entirely different experience. Sourdough bread, laundry, vacuuming, mopping, cleaning, weeding, watering. Sowed more carrots and onions for a fall harvest.

Did I mention weeding?

We have garlic, and Simon picked our first yummy carrot. Tomorrow has to be a big harvest day: cabbages, potatoes, peas, carrots – we are now at the stage where every day feels like catch-up.


At the same time, it’s immensely satisfying to see a crisper drawer full of radishes and lettuce, and even more satisfying to make a monster salad that’s almost exclusively from the garden including lots of herbs.

On another note, I clapped back on one of those awful right-wing memes today – something I do whenever I see one because to be silent is to be complicit – and, of course, I got pushback – and I pushed back because that’s the way it is. But someone thanked me for standing up.

And that really hit me. I replied that I would rather stand up than lie down because you only get walked on when you’re lying down.

And I felt good about that.

I’m not brave. I’m just doing what I believe is right. My tiny little bit.

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Mount Reco

Today, Scott and I headed up Reco Ridge to Mount Reco, planning on coming back via Hollywood Ridge – a nice little loop.

It was a gorgeous day. As happens so often, if I haven’t been up one of these amazing ridges or peaks for a while, I tend to forget how truly beautiful they are. Nice that Scott was as wowed as I always am.

So up we went, taking tons of photos and admiring the wildflowers as well as his new dog’s crazy wonderful endless energy.

We eventually went for the final push to the top – got quite literally five minutes from the top and were stopped by a massive wall of snow. It looked to me like the height of a two-story house.

And it was straight up – no slope to it at all. To then go straight to the top bypassing the snow might have been doable but because it was all scree, coming down (very steep) would have been a tad, shall we say, “risky.”

And so we opted to say it was fabulous, come down a bit into some shelter from the huge wind, have lunch and head down.

It was about then, as we were on the Texas road back, that the rain pelted down – and hail. Yes, there was also hail.

But what a fabulous day!

Looking forward now to a glass of wine and a weekend of gardening with my sweetie!

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