About Me


Introducing myself: Goody Niosi

I am semi-retired, which means I’m as retired as a writer ever gets. You don’t choose writing as a career if you plan to quit it some day. Writing is like breathing – you do it and you live it. I started writing when I was about five years old and I’ll still be doing it when I’m a hundred and five.

The other thing I’ll do until I’m a hundred and five is love my husband and do everything I can to make sure that our lives together  are as near perfect (for us) as we can make them.

Simon and I met years ago through work – but only really met when we took our first hike together in late August 2015. October 5, 2015 is our official “anniversary date.”

Yes – hiking was and remains a big part of our lives. For me, hiking has been as essential as writing, loving and breathing for a very long time: decades. The alpine is my soul home. That’s where I go to be nourished in every possible way. The Swiss alps and more recently, the Rocky Mountains call to me – and I must go.

Other details: I like technology (love-hate relationship if you want the absolute truth). I adore taking photos. I am insanely in love with nature. And, as I said, mountains make me weep. If you want to see pure happiness, just put me in hiking boots and stick me on a mountain trail – the Swiss Alps, the Rocky Mountains and the High Sierras are perfect. A molehill in Saskatchewan will do if that’s the only choice. If you want to see my happiness double or quadruple, put Simon with me on those trails. Bliss.

I like music. I am obsessed with beauty. If I can feast my eyes on something beautiful, I am inspired – and that could be a skillfully hand-made quilt or sunrise over Mount Everest.

Books – I can’t get enough of them. Lately I have adapted to the electronic version and that’s just fine – a book is not a physical thing. A book is a work of art and heart and reading one transports me to another world. True armchair travel. Or, in my case, couch travel because I like to sprawl on the couch when I read with my head on the armrest and my feet draped over the back – yeah, I know – it sounds painful but, trust me, it’s very conducive to reading.

I love animals and dogs in particular and specifically, Abby and Shanara.

I like living in the country. I like traveling. I adore road trips. I love my friends. I am a bit of a political junkie who leans to the left. I value truth and justice. When I’m stuck, I ask myself, “What is the right thing to do right now?” And I do it – especially if it’s hard.

My calling in life is to inspire social and environmental activism by telling powerful stories that touch people’s hearts.

My future is full of change – more and more of it coming. I embrace it, love it and plunge in, especially if it feels scary. There’s a reason those who know me nicknamed me “Quantum Leap.”

9 Responses to About Me

  1. JOHN BOAR says:


  2. Bart says:

    “just pu me in hiking boots and stick me on a mountain trail ” I’m not sure but I don’t think you were in hiking boots…

  3. goodyniosi says:

    as bad as ever 🙂

  4. Sarah says:

    Thank you for this gift! You spoke to exactly what my soul needed to hear.

  5. (Ms) Dale Wik says:

    Hi Goody,
    I, too, am politically to the left of centre (helped campaign for the Green Party)
    I am distressed by the rampant exploitation of our island environment that I see when I go hiking and that I read about on the Take a Hike site: The Abyss, Westwood Lake, the boat basin in Cedar.

    Please contact me by email, below.

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