About Me


Introducing myself: Goody Niosi

I am semi-retired, which means I’m as retired as a writer ever gets. You don’t choose writing as a career if you plan to quit it some day. Writing is like breathing – you do it and you live it. I started writing when I was about five years old and I’ll still be doing it when I’m a hundred and five.

I am no longer partnered with Simon. He has chosen to stay in the Kootenays where he found his home. I am back on Vancouver Island – my home. I left with love for him in my heart – it will always be there. I miss many things about him, including hiking with him. he was my favourite hiking partner.

Hiking is as essential in my life as writing, loving and breathing. The alpine is my soul home. That’s where I go to be nourished in every possible way. The Swiss alps and more recently, the Rocky Mountains call to me – and I must go.

Other details: I like technology (love-hate relationship if you want the absolute truth). I adore taking photos. I am insanely in love with nature. And, as I said, mountains make me weep. If you want to see pure happiness, just put me in hiking boots and stick me on a mountain trail – the Swiss Alps, the Rocky Mountains and the High Sierras are perfect. A molehill in Saskatchewan will do if that’s the only choice.

I like music. I am obsessed with beauty. If I can feast my eyes on something beautiful, I am inspired – and that could be a skillfully hand-made quilt or sunrise over Mount Everest.

Books – I can’t get enough of them. Lately I have adapted to the electronic version and that’s just fine – a book is not a physical thing. A book is a work of art and heart and reading one transports me to another world. True armchair travel. Or, in my case, couch travel because I like to sprawl on the couch when I read with my head on the armrest and my feet draped over the back – yeah, I know – it sounds painful but, trust me, it’s very conducive to reading.

I love animals and dogs in particular and specifically, Abby.

I like living in the country. I like traveling. I adore road trips. I love my friends. I am a bit of a political junkie who leans to the left. I value truth and justice. When I’m stuck, I ask myself, “What is the right thing to do right now?” And I do it – especially if it’s hard.

My calling in life is to inspire social and environmental activism by telling powerful stories that touch people’s hearts.

My future is full of change – more and more of it coming. I embrace it, love it and plunge in, especially if it feels scary. There’s a reason those who know me nicknamed me “Quantum Leap.”

9 Responses to About Me

  1. JOHN BOAR says:


  2. Bart says:

    “just pu me in hiking boots and stick me on a mountain trail ” I’m not sure but I don’t think you were in hiking boots…

  3. goodyniosi says:

    as bad as ever 🙂

  4. Sarah says:

    Thank you for this gift! You spoke to exactly what my soul needed to hear.

  5. (Ms) Dale Wik says:

    Hi Goody,
    I, too, am politically to the left of centre (helped campaign for the Green Party)
    I am distressed by the rampant exploitation of our island environment that I see when I go hiking and that I read about on the Take a Hike site: The Abyss, Westwood Lake, the boat basin in Cedar.

    Please contact me by email, below.

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