Blueberries and more

Okay – We have almost 25 pounds of blueberries now. I figure Corky’s patch is good for one more big picking. Yay!

It’s the season of abundance. I’ve picked our raspberries and the wild thimbleberries. Dinner is bread (currently baking and making the whole house smell fabulous) and a huge salad with lettuce – still from the garden in August! Tremendous. I’ve picked nasturtium flowers, chives, oregano, summer savoury, basil, and dill – all for the salad. And, of course, more radishes: all those successive sowings are paying off.

Meanwhile, our winter crops are sprouting and growing.

And of course, other than picking berries, I’ve been weeding. What else?

Simon is being the genius that he is: taking weird-looking gadgets that he strews all over the table and creating a water system that by-passes the house and goes straight to the lower garden, which is growing exponentially.

Yeah – he’s brilliant. He tells me what he’s doing and how things work and I listen and look and actually absorb one or two things and then I’m utterly lost. He has the mind of a philosopher/engineer.

Me? I have the mind of an Elvanian princess. Therefore, it’s a jolly good thing that my partner for life is a sherpa with a brilliant mind.

Tomorrow – hiking!

Speaking of hiking, I began a discussion with a few of the KMC executive about how we publicize our trails. I am of the mind that our job is not to let the world know about our hikes (there are books they can buy and read and other sites as well). Our job is to be stewards of the land. Our job is to serve and educate our club members. Our job is to leave no trace, and preserve our beloved wilderness.

The conversation is ongoing and interesting.

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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2 Responses to Blueberries and more

  1. Karleigh says:

    I love this. I completely feel the same way. 3 years ago you could go to gwillim, and there wouldn’t be a vehicle in sight. Now you can”t even find a place to park. It makes me sick to my stomach the amount of garbage other people are having to pick up, and take out of the bush, and the selfies with goats up gimli. Hurts my heart Goody it really does.

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