Peaceful, Easy Feeling

Today – Plan B, which turned out to be the best possible plan.

After a night of very little sleep (on the bright side, I finished my book at 4 a.m.), I felt in no shape for a hike, at least not a long one.

So I took Abby to the Butter trails for an hour or more – and it was lovely. I was happy to watch her come over to me as I was putting on my boots, giving me that “look” – and me being able to say, “Yes – you can come.”

Happy Abby.

And so we did that and then stopped in town to pick up a few odd bits and pieces.

Then back home for lunch and a necessary nap. And I’ve been in the garden ever since – and today especially it brought me great peace and joy.. I have now potted up a dozen new strawberry plants – another dozen or so and that should do it. I pruned off all the other runners. I dead-headed. I weeded like mad.

I love, love, love how the garden is growing. Having looked at a picture portfolio of permaculture gardens, I think Simon and I are getting closer than we may think.


And so I had time today to think about some things and to read about some things. I learned something new today – always a cause for excitement: I learned that the whole idea of racism and particularly “legal racism” began with the Spanish Inquisition. Before that, we were all simply the human race. It was during that time, in the fourteen-hundreds, that the Jews were first marginalized – being declared by the Catholic church to not have pure blood. They were different. That idea translated then to the slave trade, first in countries like Brazil and finally North America where the colonists took their cue from South America.

And then, of course, the founding fathers wrote the Constitution and declared that “All men are created equal.” The only way they could write this down, and live by it, was by believing that people of colour were not “men” – that they were less than. This allowed them to be slave owners with clear consciences.

And now here we are. Systemic racism runs so deep in our “white culture” I wonder if we will ever be able to eradicate it.

The only way to do that is to tell the truth. The truth is that we have been lying to ourselves and lying to our children and indoctrinating each generation with lies and justifications for how horrible we have been.

On a personal level, I am so grateful for the reading I did today about the start of all this. For me, it was a lightbulb moment. So that’s how it all began! It was a power grab of course. Lies on top of lies.

There’s a wonderful trite (but true) quote: “The truth shall set you free.”

I feel a bit freer today.

And, on another note, I also thought about the power of dreams. Yes, they do come true. Not tomorrow and not at some future time. Time is such an illusion. I do believe that the moment I embrace my dream, I begin to live it.

And I am. And I am blessed.

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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