Robins and Irises

For a while there we were worried.

This morning we looked up and there was a young robin perched uncertainly on our upper deck railing. The expression on his face was clear: “What? Me fly all the way over there? No way!”

He stayed there for a long time while his parents encouraged him to join his brother/sister who was already sitting on a nearby branch. He finally did. But then Simon checked the nest and there was still a little guy in there – quite a bit smaller than the other two. Uh-oh. A runt!

Were his parents going to abandon him? We formulated plans to dig up worms and feed him. But then – whew! Daddy was there, stuffing the little guy with grubs and worms.

We figure he may have been the last in line for food but now he’s getting plenty. And if the robins do what they did last year, they’ll raise a second brood as soon as these three are off on their own.

In other news, I got more straw today and dug up the massive irises that were tucked into the wilderness, growing wild for a decade at least. They now have a home in a new iris garden just below the roses and plum tree. I swear I never in my life aspired to have an iris garden, but you take what you get, and now we have a couple of dozen of them.

I have to admit, I love the way this garden is evolving organically. Simon has his “pet” shade garden as you come up the drive and it seems I now have a pet project as well – all the terraces rising up from the lower garden to the old cabin. I love how it’s taking shape.

We ate the first strawberries from our garden for breakfast this morning – beyond yummy!

Huge salad for dinner tonight: lettuce, radishes, and herbs from the garden – fresh sourdough bread from our oven.

And in further other news, I am of two minds about Canada Day, knowing that what we are celebrating is the colonization of a land that belonged (and still belongs) to others. As colonized nations go, this is a good one – but we must be aware and we have to make it right, if that is even possible. The First Nations have nothing to celebrate today. We stole all this from them. We impoverished them and subjugated them. We have a lot to make up for.

And maybe we could start with clean drinking water. And then, maybe we could do more than saying our ritual, “I acknowledge that we are holding this meeting on the unceded territory of (insert nation name).

Saying those pretty words is not enough.

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