The Earth

Lots of thoughts about the earth – last night and on into today.

Last night, Simon and I watched Planet of the Humans – a documentary. I wrote a lengthy review this morning on Facebook that I am not going to repeat here. But Guy Dauncey sent me a link to another review/critique that closely echoed my own thoughts.

The point is that a documentary should do its best to present facts. This one did not. It did a lot of cherry-picking and created a general atmosphere of despair. While there were a lot of things I agreed with: corporate greenwashing and so on – I also disagreed with the tarring of the entire green movement with one brush. There is such a big misunderstanding that when you are in transition, you have to use what you’ve got. By that, I mean that the guy who built the first cars had to get to work with a horse and buggy.

I am not a big fan of a film that leaves you either feeling like you are doomed, or throwing your hands up and saying, “Hell, oil and gas aren’t so bad after all – let’s buy another diesel truck!”

And so while it is true that we have too many people on this planet, especially people in the first world who want to consume endlessly more stuff on a finite planet, this is what we’ve got. Are we going to to just accept what is and not even try or are we going to do our damndest?

Are we going to give up recycling completely because not all of it gets recycled as it should, or are we going to keep on recycling knowing that improvements are incremental and are being made?

My bottom line: keep finding and creating joy in every single day of this amazing life – and, at the same time, do every single thing I can to make this a better world, no matter how small or apparently insignificant – because you never know what effect a butterfly’s wings might have.

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