Strike Two

Things did not go as planned. And today, that was rather a blessing.

We arrived at Kootenay Pass, ready to do Lightning Strike. I had not actually realized that this was a provincial park. And naturally, the sign said it was closed. We opted not to defy that order. Let’s do things by the book!

It was the right thing to do. But now what? We’d come quite a way. I had driven two hours.

Ben suggest Wolf. We agreed. So we drove five minutes down to the parking area and then Ben had a rather brilliant idea (although I hate to give him credit for having good ideas). Why not do something new, he said – on this side of the highway were high peaks and ridges we had never explored. Let’s just go and see what happens.

Off we went – Dana, Cecilia, Ben and I – in loose and distant formation. We discovered an old ski trail that soon petered off but we angled uphill and took turns breaking trail on a steep slope up and up, knowing there was a ridge above us.

Finally we broke out on the ridge. Gorgeous! Great views! But there was another, higher ridge. Off we went. And that was the trickiest part with some pretty narrow steep stuff to navigate.

Once on that ridge we decided to keep going to the top. The freshest snow was up here – almost powder so the going was the nicest of the day.

It took us three hours to get to the “top” of the ridge. From here, of course, we could see another peak that Ben and Dana said was 20 minutes away. I said 90 minutes and I expect I was right. So we nixed that, and ate our lunch. And that’s when a snow squall came in – it was instant – cold and blowy. And that’s what happens in the mountains. The weather can turn on a dime.

We beat a hasty retreat and a few minutes later we were back in sunshine. I admit that the downward track was tricky in places. Not that Dana and Ben noticed – they just leaped off cliffs. Cecilia and I told them in clear terms that if they broke a limb, we would leave them there until the spring thaw.

As it was we made it down in one piece – all of us: three hours up and one hour down. Whew! Steep! The ridge we were on – we dubbed it Strike Two. And why not? Seemed like a great name.

Great day. Great company.

And a hot bubble bath when I got home.

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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