Isolation continues

Right. Here we are – an interesting day. Oh look! Snow! No, wait – sun. Nope. Snowstorm and hell, the roads are slushy and icy and snow-covered. But wait: it stopped snowing. Lovely. Let’s go for a walk on the property. Oh – it’s snowing. And look, I’m sinking into the snow. No – actually slipping on the icy surface. Need spikes. Oops, sticky snow. Snow buildup on icers.

And now the sun is out and, wait for it – snowstorm.

So today’s activities consisted of a quick run to the Slocan market where, happily, we were the only customers and then two walks on the property with the dogs. There was napping and reading and sharing a lot of, “ look at this meme!” As well as, “let me read you this bit!”

Like so many couples around the world, we are discovering how awesome it is to be at home together. This is why we bought booze today.

In other news, we have also been reading the news. This is probably not a good thing. Regardless, I am going to spew off on one thing. All the “centrist” Democrats who voted for Joe Biden. Still think it’s a good idea? As I see it (and I expect disagreement), it’s Bernie’s ideas and policies that we need now. Those are the ones that will save actual people rather than corporations who could have been preparing for a rainy day rather than stock buy backs.

Ok – what’s next? Maybe Scrabble? Can 2 people play CAH?

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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