Home in the Koots

I’m home.

And I really mean that in such a profound way.

It was somewhere around Rock Creek that it hit me: I’m going home to Simon and I’m going home to that part of the world that now calls to me, the place that feels like where I belong.

I don’t know how this happened or exactly when it happened. But I know this: sitting here, writing my blog, I’m smiling and exhaling and relaxing deep into myself.

This is where I belong – with Simon.

Even Abby – her tail started wagging like mad the second we came up the driveway. She is so happy to be here.

The drive was perfect:  very little traffic, dry roads, bluebird sky.

And I’m tired. I feel like I’m still moving. The road is still come up at me.

but it’s all good. I’m home.

About goodyniosi

Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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6 Responses to Home in the Koots

  1. I. M. Indignant says:

    Please refer to this area as the Kootenays. Not “the Koots”. It’s the Kootenays. This name refers (albeit slightly distorted) to the proud heritage of the original First Nation Ktunaxa (pronounced k-too-nah-ha) people that lived here for thousands of years before we arrived and displaced them. It also is the adopted name for generations of hard working loggers, miners, business people, misfits and others that chose to carve out a living in this grand but wrinkled landscape. Now you latecomers arriving here in droves to play in these mountains and pretend to be homesteaders. Fine. You’re welcome. But if you truly do want to call it “home” please show some respect and at least refer to it by it’s proper name. The Kootenays.

    • goodyniosi says:

      Thanks for your comment. I’ve simply been using the term that locals do. And, by way, you know that old saying, “pick your fights?” – the one you just picked tells me a lot about you.

      • I. M. Indignant says:

        I’ve lived here all my life and never heard anyone refer to this area as”the Koots”.As I say this term shows disrespect for the Ktunaxa First Nations after which this area is named. One aspect of colonialism is to diminish the value of our First Nation people. Altering language and using slang is just one tactic. It gets worse from there.

      • goodyniosi says:

        Great. May I suggest you complain to Tourism and the signs and brochures it puts out? Oh, and isn’t Kootenay a change (slang) from the original?

  2. Shirley Stollings Whitelaw says:

    Home for me is with Richard, my “last waltz” partner. I moved to Tsawwassen from Nanaimo 3 years ago. I really miss my close friends, but we do get over every couple of months for a sing-session.
    I was very involved in the Folk music scene on the Island and miss that, as the nearest Folk club is through THE TUNNEL!
    But we are busy teaching Ukulele to Srs here (well until Covid 19 hit) and building a new life.
    So I just think ” that was a chapter in my life and this is another.” I thoroughly enjoy every minute I have with TLOML. He is coming up for 86 /this summer and I am 74. Nothing is forever.

  3. goodyniosi says:

    Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

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