Back to the Land

I watched this documentary today.

Simon watched it last night.

Along with the permaculture and food forest books I am reading, I’m getting a good grounding in the way to do a garden differently. Oddly enough, it’s a bit like what I did with my first garden – no tilling, tons of humus – that sort of thing. But what Simon and I want to do will be on a larger scale.

But not the kind of scale of this film. Two hundred acres! Whew!

I was riveted – the way I would be by a drama with great actors and a spellbinding plot. The movie was beautifully shot and brilliantly put together. More importantly – the message. If we can just stop being “masters” of the land and become a part of it; if we can simply trust nature, even when it’s painful and frustrating; if we can observe nature and work with her and not against her; if we can have reverence for the land and for all that grows and lives on it from microbes in the soil to birds of prey in the air.

If we can change our attitudes and do our best to be in harmony with nature, then maybe we can change the world. And maybe we can’t change all of it, but perhaps – just perhaps, our own little corner of it.

Excited to be embarking on this great adventure with Simon (and scared too if the truth be told).

But it’s the good kind of fear – the stretching out of the comfort zone kind of fear.

And – amazing surprise – just like that, I am hopping in the car with Sheila on Sunday and driving off to the Koots for a couple of weeks! Holy Heck!

Just as I was thinking and saying that March is so darn far off – bang! There it is.

The universe moves in its ways, doesn’t it?

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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