Roberts Roost and deep Thoughts

Abby is definitely the “Where’s Waldo?” of dogs. You’ll just have to look for her.

So – it being another glorious, sunny West Coast day, I took myself off to do some exploring. With Abby. I figured about four hours or so but knowing we wouldn’t do any huge elevation, I also figured that it would be okay for Abby.

She loved it – loved being the trail dog again and being my hiking buddy. Most of all, at about 12.30 p.m., she loved sharing my hiking sandwich – and because she was so good, I think she got most of it.

The exploring, the chasing down trails and finding new ones and all that – well, it allowed me time to do a bit of thinking. And feeling. And goddess knows I needed to do that.

When I left home this morning, I was aching so badly I thought I would break in two. It wasn’t just my own grief that was doing this. It was the dire news about this planet as well. It was knowing that our industries and governments are driving our bus off a cliff – willingly, knowingly – and they don’t care.

I suspect the super rich have an extinction plan – caves lines with money or whatever. We, the people, are dispensable. And we are being dispensed with – soon to join the other species that we are killing by the millions.

I walk a tightrope between “thinking positively” because the Law of Attraction and all that, and facing the facts of what I read and hear every day.

The thing is to stay out of feeling helpless.

When I see what is happening in the world, it dwarfs what feels like my own petty concerns – my need for a huge, long, deep endless hug filled with love. That sort of thing.

What can I do? One of the things I listened to today was a guy on the BBC who was talking about exactly this. And he told the truth – the system has to be overthrown. Capitalism wants a modest growth of 3% per year – that doubles our growth in only a few years. It’s madness. Sheer folly. The system demands growth on a finite planet. Insanity. Plain and simple insanity.

And yes, there are things you and I can do. The top two things: a plant based diet and stop flying. This is according to the guy and I see no reason or evidence to contradict that.

Much as I desperately want to go to Europe again next summer to hike the dream path, I am considering nixing it. What can I do here instead? Perhaps in the Rockies?

And what do I still eat that is an animal product? Cheese when I hike. Okay – peanut butter – I can do that instead. What else? Butter. Okay – maybe humus. I’ll try something else. Really – I mean it. I have to put my actions where my words are.

And I have a huge spreadsheet in front of me. I have a ton of phone calls to make this week for the BC Socialist Party – information gathering from media companies. I’m on it.

And on Friday – the Extinction Rebellion – I’ll be there to disrupt Black Friday.

What else?

My mind keeps going to the things Simon talked about. And here’s the thing. He was and is right. I suspect that if I had it to do over, I’d say, “Yup – you’re totally correct. Fuck it – let’s find a piece of affordable land in Nova Scotia and go totally off grid.”

Really. I knew he was right before. But it isn’t until now – now that I am taking a broad, independent view of the global situation that I am doing what Greta wants me to do: panicking.

Well, maybe not like a chicken without a head. But I get it. I get it viscerally – in a way I never did before.

I am beginning to find it absurd to carry on in life as though everything is normal: to shop and read and surf the Internet and – well, just about anything I do. I want to be radical. I believe I need to be radical.

So there we are – my thoughts for the day.

Better buy some B12 tablets.

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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