Notch Hill

Today – Plan A: The Boston Ridge trail to the top of Mount Becher. Plan B: Mount Prevost.

In the end, I went with Plan C: Notch Hill. This made Abby happy because she could come along. It ended up making me pretty happy too because the hill, in the fog, was gorgeous. And it started to drizzle right as we came down and we were almost to the car. So the timing was just right.

Abby has had two days in a row of hiking. She’s pretty content. Also two days of marrow bones. That has made her even happier.

So: reflecting on my thoughts of yesterday. I have come to the decision that I am going to continue to speak – and to speak out loud. I say that with a couple of provisos. I want to know that what I am saying is factual – that I have evidence to back me up. Otherwise, I want to be clear that it is an opinion – but I also want my opinions to be based on facts. All of that to the best of my ability because I am bound to screw up – I am human. Feet of clay and all that.

And I also want to keep in mind that I attract to me that which I put out. I want to do my best to look at what I can do – not just focus on the problem. This can be difficult. For instance, I just read a piece about clearcutting the old growth forest on Vancouver Island – how very little is left and how we keep doing it anyway until nothing is left. This breaks my heart. And I want to let people know so that we can sign petitions and do what we can.

There is a fine line between  falling into despair, which simply doesn’t do anything constructive, and doing something about it.

I want to focus more on doing something.

So I will say it again: the BC Ecosocialist Party has a brilliant platform that addresses all of these issues. The platform is strong, positive and revolutionary. I plan to focus my energies on doing something to forward that agenda. I plan to hold a vision of the world we can create if we stop accepting politics as usual, jobs, jobs jobs as a political platfrom and mud-slinging all around.

I am not yet clear what my role in all this will be, but I will have one – I will do what it takes.

I envision a better world – a sustainable world. I envision a world where every life is worth as much as every other life -where the life of a tree matters.

I plan to live in love. And sometimes – that love is going to be fucking fierce!

About goodyniosi

Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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