Right – so today, to a large extent, was about getting things ticked off the list.

To start – getting the ding in my windshield repaired. Because this was the third ding, ICBC wasn’t about to pay for it – they want me to get a new windshield. Well, the lovely people at Apple Auto Glass said, no – we can do this one  – but another one and the integrity of the windshield is gone. But, get this, they also said, “This one’s on us.” They did it at no charge. Yes, you can bet I’ll be recommending them!

And then off to Costco for dog food (chicken thighs) and organic honey at a very cheap price and a couple more Merino long sleeve base layers because they got in more and they’re crazy cheap and made in Canada.

That said, yes the honey is organic and the price is amazing but I won’t buy it there again. The local Frederick’s is quite a lot more but I would rather spend the money and support my local beekeepers.

Right – next – a trip into the back 40 to test my camera. Something is going on – a light leakage? A sensor issue? I ran a ton of tests. It’s going back to London Drugs. It definitely has an issue.

So that’s it. That has been my day.

I bought a bottle of wine.

It feels like that kind of day.

I feel fragile today – emotionally fragile? At the same time, I feel strong. I feel that I trust the process of my life and all that is unfolding and all that I am attracting. And still – fragile.

With that, I am also accepting of what is and what comes next and what I attract and my ability to swim rather than sink.

It’s all rather difficult to put into words. I guess I’m simply embracing the glorious mess that is me.

About goodyniosi

Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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