Politics and Life

I spent most of the day working (writing) and at about three p.m. – finished – took Abby to Hemer Park. It was another glorious fall day. As I walked, I thought a lot. Simon and I had a PM conversation this morning that centred on politics.

Ah yes – politics. I am about to get involved in the Green party BC – and I have mixed feelings. I’ve been deeply disappointed by Andrew Weaver’s approach. He has, in my opinion, played politics, rather than stood firm on principle and everything that the Green Party stands for. The Green Party holds the balance of power. One would think that would mean something. Apparently it does not. We have Site C and we have LNG (the biggest polluter yet) and we have massive clearcutting – 82 new clearcuts (I refuse to call them them the euphemism “cut block.”) in endangered caribou habitat – and we have killing of wolves because you know – caribou.

Yes – it just goes on and on. The NDP have become just one more party that campaigns from the left and governs from the right – and the Greens are enabling them.

And yet, given what the Green party stands for, I suspect it is our only hope.

What I don’t like is the game. I don’t like the system. And I don’t think too many people do. I hear over and over how this is the way it is and we have to prevaricate and on and on and yet… and yet I see how people react to Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and I see that the majority of people are ready for real change – not the surface stuff we get fed. No tweaks – massive revolution of the “way it is.”

I am reminded of the first book Terry Fallis wrote “The Best Laid Plans.” Anyone who aspires to politics should read this book: the reluctant politician who unexpectedly wins and goes to Parliament and just tells the truth and stands on his principles.

It’s a cute book; it’s entertaining; it’s funny; most would call the situation implausible. I don’t. I think people are ready for truth. I think they are ready for real answers instead of well-worn talking points. I think they want their MPs and MLAs to vote for their constituents – not to have their votes whipped.

If I am going to be involved, it will be as a truth teller. Either that or I’m out. Simple.

And so I thought about life. Having recently finished reading a magnificent book, “Lost Connections” – I do believe this book hits the proverbial nail on its head. The cause of the unhappiness and depression in this world cannot be fixed with a magic pill. We have to get to the root of it, and that is the fact that we have less and less connection – with ourselves, with others, with family, with nature, with our ideals…

I thought about my happiness: how I am in a state of bliss when I am in the alpine. How I feel connected and at peace in nature. But the happiest I have ever been? When I have truly loved and been intimately connected – when the love has flowed both ways.

Happy moments: Sitting on top of Snowbird Pass with Simon (alpine and love – does it get any better?). Trekking across Switzerland (in spite of bleeding blisters).

Many more moments like this – but those two come to mind immediately. Connection. I am blessed to have had it – to have it – to feel it.

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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