Serious Crud


I know it’s serious when for once, hiking is not the answer.

I thought it would be. After a night of getting up at least 8 time to pee (I lost count after 8) I got up at 6 with the alarm. I noticed pretty much right away that I was not in top form. However, I said to myself – just give me an hour and all will be fine.

So I had breakfast, got my pack ready and then answered the phone when Mike called at about 7. And – well – I couldn’t talk. I had no voice. Not even a squeak.

Well, I thought to myself, that can’t be good.

And then I picked my Divine card for today and what did I get? “I am divine acceptance.”

Right. Hmmm. But still, I figured, I’ll drive to the meeting place and all may be well by the time I get there. Sadly, all was  not well. Carol took one look at me and said, “Yeah – you’re not going.”

True. Dammit. I was already starting to shake with cold even though I was wearing many warm layers.

And so I drove back home, stopping en route to buy honey for my ginger tea and ginger and squash soup for later today. Soup is all I can manage. I made the mistake of eating a bit of chocolate earlier today and almost puked.

I took Abby into the back 40 twice today and you know, those two walks were harder than going up Benson the other day. I could not get warm – and all my joints are aching.

I spent pretty much the entire morning on the couch under layers of down, sleeping. And then, after a small lunch, more sleeping. And Now I’ve had a hot bath and I am feeling a touch more human. My voice has even come back – yes, a deep, sexy voice. Oh boy!

All of this catches me by surprise because I really get sick so rarely. But boy, this one has hit me with a huge punch.

Still – I think things are improving a touch. I plan on more sleeping – more tea – more sleeping.

And I shall try not to feel too sorry for myself.

About goodyniosi

Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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2 Responses to Serious Crud

  1. Being sick sucks! Especially when it gets in the way of outdoor plans. Get better soon!

  2. goodyniosi says:

    thank you, Birte – a bit better this morning…. finger crossed und Daume druecken 🙂

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