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So there I was, walking toward my desk, looked into the bedroom and noticed that my “decorative” pillow in it’s pillow sham (that matches the quilt of course) was askew, leaning slightly to the left. I could have ignored this, but I did not. I went into the bedroom and adjusted the pillow. It is now skewed slightly to the right. The question I ask myself, “Will I return to the bedroom and make another adjustment?”

In other words, “How OCD am I?”

At the moment, I am resisting the urge. I think I can handle this – on the presumption that skewed right is better than skewed left. No! I am not talking politics. That is an entirely different subject.

Which brings me to the topic of what people really need to know about me. Or not. Feel free to stop reading right here.

You see, I like my OCD tendencies. Notice, I said “tendencies” – I decline to admit that I am full-blown compulsive or obsessive or any combination of the two.

And I also freely admit that I have no intention of ousting these tendencies from my repertoire of what I call life.

I’ll start with laundry. I like doing laundry because I like folding and putting away clean stuff. Every item has it’s own unique fold and nothing is stashed away simply in drawers. For instance, underwear, socks, tea towels – whatever the item, goes at the bottom of the pile underneath what is already in the pile because everything needs to be rotated. You can’t just wear the same half-dozen pair of socks all the time. What about the other pairs that sit at the bottom and never get used? It’s not fair to them, is it?

So – all things are rotated and folded.

As for what I wear every day – whatever is at the top of the pile: underwear, socks, T-shirt, sweater, vest – and this, happily, results in some interesting combinations: pink T-shirt with yellow and blue striped socks – sure. And it’s very exciting when, once in a while, everything (or even two things) actually match!

The beauty of this system is that you can get dressed in the dark and all is fine. And you don’t have to think about what to wear – you just throw on whatever is at the top of the rotation cycle.

Food – yeah – OCD. This I blame on eight years of being anorexic. I don’t snack unless it’s chocolate in the afternoon or a mid-morning hiking cookie if it’s a strenuous day. I have rules about no sugar of any kind – in fact, I have a ton of food rules. Yes, they are self-imposed. I am embarrassed to admit this but it’s the truth so there it is. On the plus side, I am no longer anorexic and have not been in many, many years but this behaviour is definitely a leftover – but at least I’m healthy. And if I’m weirdly quirky about what I eat, so be it.

Other stuff: I like tidiness and order – mostly because I have a thing about how things look. I have a high appreciation for beauty. Interiors are like a painting – socks and bathrobes strewn across the living-room floor take away from the beauty of the composition. That might be why I don’t care that much about dusting – I mean, you can hardly see it right? – but I do care about the angle of the chair because hey – it looks better that one particular way.

Oh yeah – the toilet paper goes over the top of the roll because that’s the “right” way. But books in the bookcase? I don’t care: they can be in any order at all as long as they aren’t upside down – I mean really any order: tall, short, alphabetical – who cares? This book thing may be my only proof that I am not completely nuts.

About goodyniosi

Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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