Mount Prevost

What a day!

And I say that with great joy – and just a tiny bit of relief.

I was hoping that the sun would eventually break through today. Absolutely not. I went up Mount Prevost in drizzle, a few showers and then lots of big, fat drops shaking down from the trees. No matter, though, I was dressed for it so all was good.

Up I went until I came to the rope going up that small gully in the cliff. Holy heck! Did it get moved? Is it steeper and more (shall we say) interesting than it used to be? At any rate, I pulled myself up the exceedingly slippery rocks and then thought about finding an alternate route back down – remembered that there was one. The alternate is not my favourite but I decided that given the wet conditions, it might be prudent.

At any rate, I did the lovely circle tour at the top and took lots of photos of the view. Ha! The view inside a cloud. But you know, I loved it. It was so eerily gorgeous and tons of birds accompanied me. It was green and lush and the trees were especially communicative today.

So then I took the “other” way down – steep! And then I hit a steep section that had turned to mud and slipped and fell, which was no big deal except it was so slippery that when I got up, I just kept on sliding. Quite interesting. And yes, my pants and gloves are all in the laundry.

The highlight of the day: a mere 10 minutes from being back at the car, I turned a corner and there was a huge, well-fed black bear. Wow! A beauty! He did what he was supposed to: crashed away from me pretty fast. He was so darn close that I have to say I was pleased he was running away and not toward me. I pulled out my bear spray just in case but was pretty clear I wouldn’t need it.

Oh yes – one other highlight: getting home, peeling off my wet clothes and getting into a very hot bubble bath.


Hiking again tomorrow! Yay!

About goodyniosi

Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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