F&#@ed-up Day

Well, it certainly wasn’t the beautiful Link who fucked it up. Not at all. But you must understand, I am now in the United States of America so of course something happened and naturally the police were involved.

And me? Well, I was the star witness (only because I was the only witness and then I wasn’t even called upon).

I should probably leave it at that and let your imaginations run wild because truthfully, you’ll all come up with far more dramatic scenarios than the actually facts.

So I’ll start by saying that Plan A involved a bit of shopping (Trader Joe’s for chocolate) and then lunch and then a nice long walk with Abby on a nice local ridge I’d been told about.

The problem was that there was not a Plan B and life just took over. Shopping turned out to be quite a few stops and then there was a quick pit stop at the airfield where Mike met with Ron who made him an offer for one of his planes, which was not a good offer so Mike said so and Ron got mad and swung at him and shoved him and went crazy. Mike called the cops and there were threats and it was all extremely soap opera or B movie.

The police were really quite lovely.

Things ended as they did but by the time we got home it was already 4.30.

Holy heck!

On the bright side: we got to Trader Joes where I bought a very large stash of chocolate (really large). And we had lunch at a nice Middle Eastern place.

And Abby and Link got yummy giblets for dinner and then I took Abby out on the local roads in rain and wind so maybe a ridge would not have been all that great today anyway.

But whew!

That was tough on Mike.

I think this evening calls for wine.

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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