Mount Cokely

Today, Pat and I tackled Mount Cokely. The weather was perfect – warm, a cooling breeze, sunny: perfect. And we figured this would be good training for Jack Augerpoint. Cokely is 1500 plus metres up. We did it in a bit under 9 hours and we certainly weren’t going fast. And we sure as hell won’t be going fast up Augerpoint with big packs. So it was totally lovely.

My back was still a bit bad this morning but after a couple of hours of hiking, it was A-OK. Oddly though, now that I am home and sitting, it’s hurting again. But then haven’t I always said, “No matter the question, the answer is hiking.”

All I have to do is keep moving.

I have not been up the CPR trail in years of course. And wow! Changes. First, the clear-cutting near the beginning. Okay – we got out of that quickly and the trail was spared so that was okay. (as okay as a clear-cut can be) – and then we hit the blowdown. In the windstorm last December, a whole side of that steep mountainside was swept almost clean of trees. And not just little trees – these were massive old ones that came down like matchsticks.

Unbelievably, loggers had been up, sawed through stuff, cut steps in huge trees and restored the trail completely. It was a massive job.

But the trail is intact.

Of curse, the best part of the trail is the final bit up from the tarns: the scramble to the top and Arrowsmith, revealed in one swoop. It’s gorgeous!

A good day.

A great day.

And now a bit of a rest to get my back into 100% shape for four days crossing a few kilometres of Strathcona.

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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