More Packing

This is an interesting way to pack. I’m not packing everything. Simon is staying so I’m just packing my stuff – and leaving stuff – and it’s just kind of weird. It’s also a matter of trying to leave just enough stuff that we can still make meals etc. before I leave.

In a way, it’s cool. With every single item, I am asking myself if I want or need it. It matters, of course, whether or not it’s “mine” from before we joined households – but it also matters that I don’t take it with me if it’s not necessary. And so I find myself leaving things I thought I might take.

When we left the island I divested myself of a lot of “stuff.” And now – more divesting. With every single thing  I take to the donation store or leave behind, I feel a bit lighter.

I am also slipping slowly back into a place of feeling abundant. I maxed out my TFSA today and I spoke to my Credit Union person – money is sliding into other accounts where I’ll get maximum yield. And I’ve got a new bank account called “travel” – that should see me through for the next 5 years at least of travelling and trekking.

Packing – I think the biggest chunk of it is done. If I put in a good day tomorrow (which I will), I’ll be leaving the day after with great peace of mind – and knowing that I can get in a couple of hikes before I leave.

Last night, I barely slept – and I felt it today. I hope that now that things are moving smoothly, I’ll sleep better.

So much excitement/stress. Good or bad – it”s all adrenaline and I need to calm it down.


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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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