Easy as Falling off a Bike

I have not been on a bike in almost 40 years. And I have never mountain biked. Today seemed a good day to start. After all, it rained and it hailed – what better time to get on a bike and go flying down the rail trail for 1.5 or so hours!

Okay – so I wobbled a tiny bit when I got started. But I quickly got the gearing sorted out and that was fine.

Until I had to stop. See – when I used to road bike, mostly on city streets, I used to pull up to a curb and put my foot down. For some odd reason there are no curbs on the rail trail – a terrible oversight.

So I stopped the bike and put my foot down and toppled over. Twice.

So Simon said something about getting off the seat. I have no idea why I didn’t grasp the technique. Simon started getting off the bike when we had to stop, coming back and catching me.

And what’s wrong with that? Seemed to work just fine.

Okay – my technique needs a bit of work but still – we made it almost to Lemon Creek and then came back. We would have gone farther but by that time we had ridden through one shower, a downpour and a rush of hail – all great conditions for getting back into biking.

Yeah – I know how to do this outdoor shit.

About goodyniosi

Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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4 Responses to Easy as Falling off a Bike

  1. Bart says:

    Had you no hand brakes? Yes, you did, I see them in the photo. Next time, try squeezing your hand brakes, one for each wheel. Squeezing the one for the rear wheel will slow you to a stop. Squeezing the front wheel brake will stop you suddenly, so be prepared for it, else you might keep going (over the handlebars) leaving your bike behind.

  2. Bart says:

    Sorry. What you really need to do is lower the seat so that when you stop and take your foot off the pedal, you will not have to lean your bike over one way or the other to find firm ground. So, before you go for a ride, seat on the seat and lower it until both of your feet touch the ground without have to tilt to one side or the other.

  3. goodyniosi says:

    haha! I knew all that. I just need practice after all these years! (decades!)

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