I swore I wouldn’t do it – go all crazy with cleaning and staging the house for the showings today. But then I started in the bathroom and I couldn’t not do it – vacuumed, scrubbed, washed the floor – heck, I even brushed the dog.

And then Abby and I took off to hike Silver Bump while Simon and Alisa went off for lunch and strolling  and stuff like that. There was a threat that they would go swimming; as it turned out, that didn’t happen, except for Shanara. I understand she swam three times so she had the best day.

Abby had a good day too because when we stopped for lunch on top of Silver Bump (with no view to speak of thanks to Alberta wildfire smoke). Abby got almost half my sandwich. This made her extremely happy. What made her even happier was finding a swimming hole that she could jump into. She did her happy dance after that.

And then back home where I am now in deep conversation (on messenger) with at least one person who has a cabin for rent in Yellow Point. It’s small – it will be like moving into a tiny house – but I can down-size. I love the location. I will certainly go to see it in early June after meeting with my girlfriends in the Okanagan – I will drive out to Vancouver Island.

Stopping in Vancouver en route.

It’s going to be a busy time – a precursor for an even busier time when the uprooting begins. And I thought about that today: about moving and being alone again. I felt a heaviness – a lump. Something I will have to deal with.

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