Davis Creek Club Hike

Talk about having horseshoes! The forecast was for showers. And what did we have? Sun and warmth all day!

Not only that, but all the snow under the big trees on the Davis Creek ridge had melted in the last few days. We brought gaiters and didn’t need them.

To add to all that, we had a super group and tons of fun. And when we got to Fishhook Lake ( breeding ground for mosquitoes) – not a bug in sight.

So – it couldn’t have been a better day. We hiked up to the lookout, had a snack, and carried on to the old cedars. I think only one or two of us had been there previously. Lovely to see the awe and admiration everyone had for these stately and sacred giants. And then we carried on through more old trees to the lake. There we turned and headed back to the lookout for lunch before heading back down.

Cecilia came with two wire coat hangers with the idea of retrieving the gaiter that she lost over the edge of the cliff last time. However, what happened is exactly what I suspected. One of the younger guys said, “Hey! I can get down there!”

And he did! And he got the gaiter! Yay, Norm! A hero!

Sadly, the critters of the wild had found the gaiter before us and had decided that it would make wonderful nesting material. I don’t think Cecilia will be wearing it again. But hey! At least now some field nice will have a waterproof awning over their houses.

And before I leave the subject of Norm – there was one bad blowdown section on the trail. Norm had a hand saw and yes – he took care of it! Double hero! He even lost his sunglasses in the process and didn’t whine about it.

So, I said to him that I was eNORMously grateful. I know, “groan.”

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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