Lyle Lakes

I thought it was a bit daring for Peter and I to head up to Lyle Lakes today – a bit early in the season, I thought. But then, what the heck! We’ve already headed up Kuskanax and all  my  friends  on  the  island  are  sticking  on  crampons  and  digging  up  their  ice  axes,  so  why  not  us?

Shoulder season be damned!

It turned out to be a brilliant decision. Peter insisted we would not see snow until we got to Lyle Lakes. I laughed. We saw out first patch shortly after we climbed up the ladder near the beginning of the hike. About half an hour later, we put on our crampons.

Shortly after  that  we  found  some  rock  wells.  Wheee!

At some point we made the decision to stop following the trail. This may have been at the point where the trail disappeared in a field of snow. We headed straight up. The snow was nicely consolidated and it was a good decision. I only needed my ice axe for a short while too.

And then we got to the lakes. While Peter climbed up to a rock to play with his drone, I went of to the right-hand side of the lakes. I’d been meaning to explore there for ages. This was my chance! Wow! What a gorgeous area and such amazing views – entirely different from the other side. And to get across the stream, all I had to do was follow some giant moose prints. Now these prints were extremely fresh – no more than perhaps half an hour old. I was, on the whole, pretty darn pleased not to run into the owner of the prints.

I eventually came back and joined Peter for lunch on the sun-baked rocks and then we headed back down. By now the sun had done it’s job: the snow was turning into soup. And so we did our best boot-telemarking and got down pretty darn fast. In fact, very darn fast.

It was just one perfect day!


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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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