Anger or Despair

Yeah – during the last few days I have truly not known whether to be angry or to completely give up and move to another planet – one with an intelligent life form: say amoebas for instance.

I can’t look at the news without seeing a fresh piece of crap to be either shocked by, outraged by or in disbelief over.

Where to begin.

We could start with all these states down south of us banning a woman’s right to direct and rule her own body. Yes, I am talking about abortion. These fucking pro-lifers, thinking that a cluster of cells is more important than an actual child. And I know that’s how they think because a doctor who performs an abortion, even on a woman who was raped, will get 99 years in prison (more than her rapist) but assault rifles are okay even after they are used to shoot a bunch of kids in Kindergarten. Oh – and immigrant children can die in their cages too. These self-righteous, god-fearing bastards don’t give a shit about life (they love the death penalty) – they care only about birth.

But what they care even more about is power over women. They want to control us and since witch-burning-at-the-stake tends to be frowned upon these days, they will use their control where they can – the uterus.

Like the sign says, I can’t believe I am still protesting this shit.

I can’t believe I am still protesting that women do not receive equal pay for equal work.

And I don’t buy this “Not all men” shit – those who jump into the fray at the drop of the first protest banner are doing so in self-defense. Echoes of “Not all white people.”

Just leave it. Let us women get angry. We have a right to our anger. “Oh – but men get raped too,” I heard one woman say recently.

Yes – generally by other men.

And I don’t know a whole lot of men who are afraid to walk down a street at night, who carry mace in their purse or who clutch their keys just so in case they have to let fly with a punch. I don’t know any men at all who have to carry a baby to term if he doesn’t want one. I dan’t know of a single law that controls a man’s autonomy over his body.

That’s one of my rants.

Another one? Fucking climate change. Thank god for Bill Nye who called these asshole politicians exactly what they should be called: “Mohterfuckers.”

So the Canadian government bravely banned oil tankers off the most sensitive areas of the BC coast. And then the Bill went to the Senate – our appointed undemocratically elected senate. But first the oil company executives met with the senators. And the senators killed the Bill.

So now the truth is exposed – as though it wasn’t previously. Our government is bought, paid for and owned by the oil and gas industry.

This is where I fall into a deep pit of despair.

And then there is the continued logging of the last remaining stands of our old growth forests; the massive clear cutting that even a lifelong forester called criminal; the fucking sledders who break the law every single day and go into our provincial parks with their noisy, fuming machines; the continued destruction of habitat for endangered species including our mountain caribou; the utter stupidity of mankind.

These are just some of the big things that drive me mad. And then I have to work so hard to not feel helpless in all of this.

And I pull my focus back out, after signing all the appropriate petitions etc, and look at my life. I have an issue with my foot. It hurts to walk. Great – hiking is my life and I have an inflamed bone in my foot. And I’ll hike anyway; I don’t care if my feet bleed. The mountains are currently my only solace in this insane world.

We have house showings this weekend. I feel unexpectedly optimistic about them So we will sell our house and then – a new future. And what will that look like?

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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