Building a Garden

Not very long ago, what we had below the main garden, was a dilapidated, ugly, horrible, falling-apart old greenhouse. The only thing about it that was green was the actual putrid colour of the paint. Surrounding it was a field of chin-high weeds, alders and other scrub plus various buried pieces of what might have been a former garden – these pieces included cement slabs and what can only be described as “crap.”

Well, look at it now. Simon has single-handedly, without the aid of machines of any kind, transformed it into a garden. We have planted potatoes and onions and squash – and much more to come. Those monster rocks? – yep, he moved them with a dolly. He has now dashed off to buy more soil to fill in so that we can plant all our myriad perennials in there. It’s going to look amazing.

Utterly transformed.

Simon has been working all day and that includes four runs to the dump with the truck loaded with the detritus of the former greenhouse.

In truth, in the not-quite-three-years we have been here, this property has been a Cinderella story. And I’ll be honest: 90% of the work has been Simon’s doing.

And this spring, he’s working six days a week with Ray, so this is what he does in his spare time. Ray, of course, runs a landscaping business so you could truthfully say that every seventh day, Simon takes a busman’s holiday.

But what a transformation.

As for the other photos – yes, we have lovely flowers growing wild around the property and yes, I know that’s my finger in front of the lens for the peas and spinach photo in the main garden area – but it was raining and I was in a hurry so that’s the photo you get.

Hiking tomorrow! Eager to see how far up we can get on Kuskanax.


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