Davis Creek and Old Cedars

The old cedars up above Davis Creek never fail to move me to a state of awe. And I love showing them to people who will appreciate them as much as I do.

So lucky me that I got to take Scott and Cecilia there today. Lovely to see that look of awe and reverence that I know I experience too.

It was a perfect warm, sunny day to do the hike. The uphill to the lookout didn’t even seem too steep today. And yes, as I suspected, we ran into snow and did our share of post-holing. But we got there – and the swamp crossing was actually easier because of the snow.

And then there they were – those magnificent trees.

After spending a good deal of time taking photos, we hiked back to the lookout for lunch. And that is where tragedy (!) struck. We’d taken off our gaiters and put them in the sun to dry. Unfortunately, Cecilia had placed heres on the edge of the cliff. Yes – a breeze came along, picked one up and carried it over the edge. She peered down. Hey, she said, I can scramble down there and get it!

Or maybe not. The rock was unstable – bits broke off. She tried. I had what I thought was a better idea. Let’s go fishing! – with a hiking pole and a series of gear ties strung together.

Surprisingly, we almost got it – if not for that darn bush getting in the way. And then a gear tie came undone and the pole and ties went over the edge.

But not to worry. We were not going to leave all that stuff stuck up there. So – Cecilia, with me close behind, went down a touch on the cliff. And she lay down on some nice prickly junipers. I crouched behind, holding on to her feet (as if that would really help if push came to shove – not literally of course).

She stretched out her hand. And yes! She brought the pole and gear ties back up. The gaiter, sadly, was lost forever.

As a bonus, we both – especially Cecilia – got some lovely summer legs out of the adventure. (read bleeding shins).

And then we barrelled back down the hill and drove back. Despite the loss of a gaiter, we agreed that it was a wonderful day and a fabulous hike!

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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