When Things are “Interesting”

Interesting things today:

I opened the washing machine this morning to put in the first load. And hey! There’s a spider hanging out in there. Who knew? No problem thought, right? I picked him up and shook him out and he scuttled away somewhere else in the dark nooks and crannies of the basement.

And so I put in a load. And then another load – this one involved Simon’s work clothes. When that load was done, I opened the lid and transferred the monster heavy pants to the dryer. Except – what’s this? A long green “thing” – a very long green thing and this thing was what? Had I missed a wool sweater that had completely unravelled in the wash? Seemed so. But neither of us even owns a green sweater!

Also, there was a bit of a metallic sound as I heaved things around. I untangled the four pairs of pants from the wrapped-around thread – there – some coins – that explained the metallic sound. But then – what’s this – an entire huge ball of some kind of green yarn. Gardening rope/thread/string?

After a huge effort of unwinding it from the agitator, I was left with a skein of string and mashed-up knotted mess of stuff spooling off it.

Also left in the washing machine were leaves, twigs and pine needles.

Right. Clearly, Simon works in the landscaping business.

So then, after lunch, a drive to Butter with the girls – our destination – up at least as far as the road. Up we went. All was lovely: sun coming through the trees; the earth springy underfoot. We crossed the first creek where the girls drank and pretty much laid down in the cool water. Up we went to the second bridge. Again – nice long drinks (see photo) and then over the bridge. And suddenly, Shanara stopped, looked over her shoulder and bolted back down the trail. I had no chance to stop her. She was fast.

I went down after her, calling her name. Five minutes later she came back. Whew! I’d hate to lose her on Butter – that’s a lot of wilderness. Had she heard a sound from the highway below – so far away that I couldn’t hear it but she’s got better ears – check them out in the photo!

And so we went back up. No problem – all is well. We got to the bridge again and boom! She’s gone.

This time she did not come back. Abby and I hurried down the trail, me shouting Shanara’s name until my throat hurt.

I took the shortest way back because that’s the way Abby chose. I trusted her to be following Shanara’s scent.

Happily, Shanara was waiting at the car. Not lost. No hours of searching and calling.

I have no idea what might have triggered her. And that’s too bad. Butter was the one place I was sure I could take her and not worry about her running away.

I think it’s time to make another stew.

And guess what? Snowshoeing again this weekend! I didn’t expect to.  Thought I was done. But apparently not.

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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