F33CD70F-6C18-4BCB-8E20-00AC061F8116This is my current view. Looking out at Elephant Mountain from Ben’s window.

It was incredibly kind and generous of Ben to offer me his place and I am grateful. That said, I’d rather be home because I like the comfort of my home and I miss Simon – of course I do.  I miss the puppies and all the little comforts of what is home to me.

I do have plenty of hot water here so that’s lovely. But it’s going to take time to get the heat going. After an hour it is still only 11 degrees. I just have to be patient.

I arrived and followed instructions. I found the key and immediately turned up the thermostat. One of those digital things. And no, it wasn’t easy to figure it out. After pushing all the buttons many times I finally hit on the correct combination. Just don’t ask me to have to repeat the steps. I have no idea.

i then went into the basement and turned up the hot water tank. And that worked. After that, all is simple right? Change the sheets in the bedroom, put my stuff in the bathroom – all that sort of thing.

and then, with great anticipation, I turned on the tap in the kitchen. Nada. No water!

um – isn’t this why I’m here? Water? Out of a tap? Preferably hot?

i called Ben. He was there! Whew! Oh oops! He said. I forgot to tell you that. And so he guided me down to the basement where I had to turn on an old round weird looking tap. Water! Yeah! I turned on the kitchen tap. Not only did water come out of it but it was actually hot.

okay – finally settled, I got out my iPad to check for emails and so on. Right – it asked for my password. I typed in the one Ben had given me. No dice. I tried every other network in range. No dice. You guessed it: I called Ben. I was just going to email you, he said.

well, I said, that won‘t do a whole lot of good if I can‘t receive email. He conceded that I had a point. It seems he gave me the wrong password.

but now, all seems good. Except that I am still mighty cold. But that will change.

and truthfully, this all feels very strange indeed.

About goodyniosi

Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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2 Responses to Nelson

  1. Strange is the new normal.

  2. goodyniosi says:

    If it is, I’m not sure that I like it!

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