The Wolf Revisited

We went with plan F or possibly Z today.

And it was a fabulous day. The sistahs joined us and off we went to go up what I am calling Wolf Ridge. That said, there was a skin track that we followed for a while – and then as we entered the trees and the uphill, the track began a sidehill we didn’t like. Ben opted to break trail, which meant trail breaking the entire rest of the way – but the way to where?

When we left the trees, we could see that the saddle (our original destination) was past a steep avi slope. Hmmm, I thought – maybe not the best bet. Peter, Ben and I conferred and voted for Peter (on skis) to plow ahead to the right toward another draw that looked promising.

And then we had another choice of two draws. Which one? How about the right-hand one?

We did some steep side-hilling. And when I say steep, I actually mean mostly vertical.

At the end of that run, Ben looked around the edge. Seems we bluffed out. Going straight up was out of the question and when Peter noticed a crack line in the snow that didn’t look all too promising, we opted to find a sunny south-facing slope to break out lunch, revel in the fabulous view, and plot our way down.

Lisa and Karleigh discovered what we mean by extreme snowshoeing, which involved a certain amount of bum sliding. And Ben, who opted, as usual, to jump off the cliff, did an impressive triple somersault. A 9.9 from the judges.

In other words – it was a very good day!

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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