No Compromise

I’ve been engaged in a cool political discussion with some American friends. One is “moderate” – what we in Canada would call centre-right and one is progressive (what we in Canada would call centre left) and there’s me – left – but not the molotov-cocktail-throwing kind of left.

The conversation has involved a good deal of humour and good-natured name-calling and it’s been quite enjoyable.

My moderate friend has sent me a long treatise on the disenfranchised Americans who want compromise and so on. I read pretty much the entire thing. My conclusion is: no compromise. Progressives have done that in the past, always to their detriment. No more. We are on the brink of extinction. Big business has taken over – the greedy are reaping the profits while the planet is dying.

No more – how can we compromise with a group of people who never will. There is no halfway. It is die or fight. Yes – this is a war. The greedy have been fighting the rest of us without an open and honest declaration of war for far too long.

I will not go down the middle of the road.

I will fight for the life of this planet. Maybe I should learn how to build molotov cocktails (whatever those are.).

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