Our World – Screwed

I need to get myself to the top of a mountain – like this one.

And tomorrow I will. Not a minute too soon.

It feels like I heard the last straw today on CBC. A program about PTSD and how they really have no effective treatment for it yet. So an Israeli came up with a better idea: why not prevent PTSD?

“Excellent!” I thought, instantly equating prevention of PTSD with the obvious – don’t put people in situations where they can get PTSD. For instance – don’t have any more wars. Cool idea – no?

Nope. That was not where this guy was going. His idea is to train the brain so that it doesn’t get upset about things it currently gets upset with. So, when your best friend gets blown up beside you, you can move on and not be all shook up.

Yeah – let’s keep killing and maiming and not have it bother us. What a brilliant idea!

Further brilliant ideas of the day: the Nanaimo by-election. Let’s elect a Liberal instead of one of the other choices because hey – the Liberals were in charge, until recently, for 16 years and are currently under investigation for all sort of corruption and money laundering schemes. Sure – let’s have more of that.

What are people thinking?

I agree that the current government is awful with broken promises littered all over the place but really – Horgan and his NDP are simply Liberals Lite – not quite as corrupt. Why people in BC want the rich folks back who care only about corporate power and greed is beyond me.

And then there’s Trump and Scheer and all the right wing nuts out there and the planet freezing on one end and boiling on the other and people still moving ahead burning fossil fuels as quickly as possible and, you know – you have to work pretty darn hard at not sinking into utter despair.

Deep breath. Time for the mountains. And maybe a game of Scrabble.

About goodyniosi

Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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