KMC Butter Trip

Sheila and I had total horseshoes up our whatsits today. It isn’t often that the KMC comes out our way for a hike – and today was the day. We wanted to show off our area. We wanted them to see the lovely views from the Butter viewpoint.

Alas. The day started off chilly with low-hanging clouds and mist and so little snow on the lower section that snowshoes were a tad redundant.

Still, we pressed on. Up and up we went. We stopped for a snack at the first cut block, then headed along the road. And then we took off up the cut block where our broken trail from a few days ago worked awfully well. We got up to our lunch spot a good deal faster and more easily than we had previously.

And just as we thought the whole view thing was going to be a dud, we noticed a patch of blue sky. The patch grew larger – and larger. And as we took our packs off and settled down for lunch, there was a dramatic flourish of trumpets. The orchestra broke into full-throated howl, the mist parted, the sun radiated through and lo! Mountains! The lake! Sun everywhere!


We heard a gratifying chorus of oohs and ahhhhs and “isn’t it gorgeous!”

They loved it!

We just smugly said, “Yeah – of course it’s pretty here!”

By the time we headed back down, the last of the mist and clouds high-tailed it for more northerly climes. We hiked down in sun all the way and it was simply lovely.

As they like to say in KMC trip reports (but not the ones written by yours truly), “A good time was had by all!”

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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