One Day at a Time

Some days you just have to put one foot in front of the other.

Today was not a bad day. It was just a day – one in a long string of days where you just put your head down and do it. Baking, cleaning, laundry, walk the dogs – deal with whatever comes up. I feel like I have become an expert at falling out of my comfort zone, taking a breath and stretching the zone so that I am at least reasonably okay – not in a state of constant anxiety.

And that’s what I mean – sometimes its just, okay, take a breath – keep going. Live one day at a time. You can do this.

An interesting thought sprung from a Facebook conversation yesterday. Someone asked about Jumbo cabin in winter. This is in an area terrific for touring and off-limits to sleds. When I read that sledders go up there anyway, I suggested that this was not a good idea. I was not the only one to express this. One person even suggested how to report them and so on.

I was called a sledder-hater. I said, nope – I know responsible sledders who don’t go where they shouldn’t. Nevertheless, I am, apparently, a sledder-hater. I am of the opinion that once you have to stoop to name-calling (because you have no reasonable argument to support your position) then the battle is lost.

So I left that conversation.

I have a new appreciation for sledders who do the right thing.

I also have a new appreciation for the thickness of the skin I have grown. This incident bothered me not at all. More and more, I find it best (for me) to listen to my inner voice and follow it. I also want to be clear about civil discourse.

And I am also clear that there are some viewpoints that I will not compromise with. There are some views that do not merit a middle ground and compromise. In this case I am speaking mostly about the political arena. I will not compromise with reactionaries who believe lies and promulgate ideas that will hasten the destruction of nature – and, eventually, the entire human race.

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