Evening Ridge (I think)

Today Ben and I snowshoed up Evening Ridge – we think.

It went something like this: we set off, went down into Hummingbird Pass, following a faint ski trail (faint because it had been snowing a lot up there) and continued until the track stopped. We soldiered on, breaking trail – and then the ski trail picked up again. Up we went, following.

We got into a cloud so darn think we couldn’t see a thing. I mean really not a thing. Close up trees just barely. But we followed the track up and up and up until we got to the top of something. Assuming it was the high bump of Evening Ridge before the Whaleback, we looked around, knowing we had a dip to go down and then back up again.

We picked a likely looking route down (no track to follow) and then a likely route up. And lo and behold – we came across another ski track coming in from a different direction – a fresh one made only hours before – excellent. We followed it. Up we went. And then we started side-hilling. By this I mean a seriously steep and skinny track.

We persisted.

Eventually we asked ourselves: “Where the hell are we?”

About three or more hours after setting out, Ben thought it might be a good turnaround point. I was tempted at that time to go straight up the remaining slope.

However, we stopped, had lunch and wound our way back, still not seeing much of anything but the incredible beauty of an almost-untouched white landscape and gorgeous trees and wind-drifted snow.

It was a beautiful day – and after my phone charges I am going to upload our down track to my computer and I think I may then finally figure out where we went. I’m sure we were on Evening Ridge – the first big hump – after that we simply took a very different route than the usual (side-hilling). But hey! It was different. It was fun and it was beautiful!

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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