Technology and Politics

So – that photo was taken this afternoon at Bannock Point with a Sony Cybershot.

No – it is not a new camera. I’ve had it for years. Something was terribly wrong with it and I wish I could remember what it was. I believe it got wet and the sensor was dead. But I kept the camera (as well as an old Lumix) and there it is – fully functional and doing well.

Very strange indeed.

So I took my Lumix apart (sort of) but couldn’t get it fully apart and finally gave up on it. That’s when I pulled out everything I had in the way of picture-taking equipment. The Sony gave me far and away the best images. The iPhone the worst. That said, uploading the pics from the Sony to the Mac was an adventure in technology. It took a couple of hours but after downloading new software and figuring it all out, there we are. Whew! I am still a bit tentative about using it – still wondering what was wrong with it and if it will be okay. But I’m happy with the quality and very happy that all I spent today was time and not money.

Meanwhile, I have a bone to pick with our local MLA, who will not meet with me, one of her constituents, to talk about climate change. She sent me the “official” statement on it and said  I must contact the minister in charge. Oh – and this was a note from her assistant – not her.

She has not heard the end of me – nor has the minister who I will contact. What gives these people the idea that now that they are in office, they are so far above us they can’t meet with us? We are her boss – you and me and every single person who lives in her riding. We have the power – not her. It would behoove her to pay attention to the people who put her in office.

And as for the climate plan – pure BS. Oh yes, we are going to do all these lovely things – but you know what? We are also going to help build LNG in the province to offset all the good we are going to do. And you know when we will begin (begin!) to meet our climate goals? In 2040 – so far too late it’s laughable. Great, let’s kick that can down the road one more time. I hope every young person in this province and in this country sues the governments for all they’re worth – this is a death sentence for the younger generation. And LNG, oil and gas and the governments enabling them don’t give one damn.

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