The Right Wing

Before I wrap myself deeply in the subject of politics, I want to thank Vicki Hart for taking this photo on Mount Beattie the other day. She has a wonderful eye!

And tomorrow I will be up that way again – White Queen this time.

Okay – enough of that – on to politics and the privilege of the conservatives/republicans/white men.

In a desperate attempt to hang onto power, even after the voters told them to pack their bags and leave, two outgoing Republican governors (Wisconsin and Michigan) are passing legislation  on their way out the door that will essentially strip the incoming Democrat governors of power. So everything they campaigned on – like getting rid of corruption in government agencies will never happen. They will have no power. It is being handed over to the legislative assembly, which holds a Republican majority.

In other words, whatever people in those states voted for doesn’t matter one bit.

Couple this with gerrymandering and suppression of minority votes and what you have is a complete erosion of democracy.

This is what the right wing in every country, including Canada, has been working toward for decades: a consolidation of power in the hands of the few, and those few are usually rich white men. These men are cronies with businesses like oil and gas and together they are helping destroy our planet.

It’s happening right here – look at Trudeau claiming “Canada is back” in Paris in 2016. And what has happened since then? Our emissions have gone up – not down. In fact, Canada is one of the top three carbon polluters in the world. But rather than turn to other forms of energy, we plan to build more pipelines and buy more rail cars to ship bitumen – all at the taxpayer’s expense.

What I know for sure is this: old white men want to hang on to power. They don’t care about seven generations into the future. They care about their yachts and expensive cars and tailored suits – but most of all they care about power. Power is heady stuff – utterly addictive. And they’re snorting it like it’s heroin.

It’s the nefarious ways they get and hold onto power that has me appalled and stumped in equal measure. Let’s look at Trump for instance. He has managed to convince millions of people that he is the saviour of the working man while acting in direct opposite to the blue collar worker’s best interests. But these people are his fans. “Lock her up!” they still chant at his rallies.

How is this even possible?

I am watching this happen – this erosion of democracy and I wonder why no one cares. Even here in British Columbia, we have the right wing, with its tool bag of lies, deceit and fear-mongering, doing its best to erode democracy by telling people that proportional representation will harm us. And people believe it. They are afraid of change – afraid to try something new.

People are generally afraid of change. And conservatives know that. Hence the slogan “Make America Great Again” – playing on the fantasy that once it was a wonderful place where women were kept barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, black people were slaves or menials and the white man was the undisputed boss of the house.

Yeah – that’s what made America great – great for white men and no one else.

I suspect we are witnessing the rapidly-increasing decline of the American empire. And what will rise in its place? China most likely. No one stays at the top for long. The Roman empire, the British empire, America – they come and go. But now I fear it is the planet that may be going next as the greedy implacably steer us all over the cliff like millions of lemmings who will still be shouting “Make America Great Again” as the last tree burns and the last breath we take is filled with cinders and ashes.


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5 Responses to The Right Wing

  1. Got mulling over MAGA awhile back. When was America supposedly great?
    What I see is maybe (big maybe) the years from1953-63 seemed great in our collective memory and we/they think it was much longer than that.

    1953-63, from Eisenhower to Nov 22/63. The end of the Korean War to the death of JFK, and the escalation of the Vietnamese War.
    There were jobs, everyone could buy a house, and women didn’t have to work outside the home as they had to during WW1 and WW2. (and subsidized famlily income forever before that)

    To some, my in-laws included, this was a point of honour. They did nicely-well on one income. Not rich, but had a house and car, a holiday every year and leisure time.
    They grew up in Scotland in the late 20s, early 30s. Married in 1939 at 25 yrs old. Lost their home and business in the Blitz, came to a Canada in ‘52 and started over at 35. Mom had worked all the time in Scotland until her son was born. The fact that they could make good on one income in Canada was important to them.
    All that to say, my thoughts are that those years 1953-ish to mid 60s, 70s, thereabouts seem to have become embedded in USA culture (subconsciousness ) as the “ great times”.
    But America has never been great.
    It’s a false memory.
    For what it’s worth.

  2. Really like your last 3 paragraphs, BTW.

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