Lots of stuff today. First and most important, we have our occupancy permit! This is major news. It took 2 years of work to get here! And now, of course, we can sell the house so much more easily because this means people can get a mortgage on the house.! We did everything Peter (building inspector) asked us to. And he’s happy. And we are thrilled to pieces.


Big shout out to Simon who really did it all!

Next on the list: sell house

More celebrating.

Move on.

Other than that – a nice long walk with Abby at Bannock Point. And a happy, hopeful video seeing young people asking for a new Green Deal – supported fully by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – huge reason for hope. If anything is going to save this planet, it’s the young people. And I support them 100%.

And then the other weird thing today. Seven years ago Take a Hike Vancouver Island was formed by a couple of women. I joined and made friends. We were less than 100 people. And then boom – an explosion! Today the group numbers 43,000. How on earth do you manage 43,000 people?

Answer – you don’t You mismanage them. I think hiking clubs (not FB groups) are wonderful. This is where you learn the ethics of LNT and safety and etiquette and all sorts of good stuff. With a group like TAHVI you learn where the trailheads are and begin to destroy the wild places. This was happening more and more. For years I have expressed my belief that the group should shut down.

A few days ago some clever bloke started a new group, Fake A Hike Vancouver Island. It was pure satire and pretty darn funny. Sort of an SNL of the VI hiking group if you will. Well, it seems the founders of TAHVI were upset, said they were being harassed and bullied and, as a result, shut the group down.


The long and tearful rant by one of the founders was unfortunate – based in victim and blame. Major drama and all that. When I expressed my belief that this was a good thing and that members who felt bereft could join one of the island clubs, I was shat upon and my post was called harsh.

I sit back and look at this, weighing carefully – was I harsh? Possibly. I never wanted to see VI become like the Rockies where the popular trails are totally overrun. TAHVI encouraged that. And I have no time for drama queens. Both of the founders created something that didn’t work. They created their stress. They could have made better choices many times along the way.

Bottom line, I’m glad it shut down.

I think it’s better for the environment and for the founders.

And me? I’m going to detach myself from the VI FB groups. Something I don’t need in my life. Thanks to KMC Iknow how a good club is run and how it works.


I have some political hope despite the horrible things I see in the news – like Canada still selling arms to Saudi Arabia (I am ashamed of my country). I will focus – today and tomorrow – on the young people, on their enthusiasm and determination and on the knowledge that we have it in us to create something new – and possibly to save the planet.

And of course, raise a glass of wine tonight and celebrate.

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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2 Responses to Occupancy

  1. I honestly don’t see where people get off judging someone for being “harsh”. Poor easily offended little whiners!
    I am so fed up with people thinking just because THEY are offended, that someone else has to shut up about what they think about something. Again, poor little thin-skinned babies!
    Grow up people. Get over yourselves! (not meaning you, Goodi)

  2. goodyniosi says:

    Well I love you too, Shirley 🙂

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