House inspection

Today was the big day: the house inspector came.

His visit was not quite as we expected. He burst in mid-afternoon, noting that, OMG – he had 4 more houses to do and it was getting dark and he hadn’t even known that he was coming to our house. Well, Simon was prepared and offered to give him all the paperwork certifying that everything had been done. That way he could look it over and re-schedule.

Fine he said, adding that he’d have a very quick look around. He smiled and nodded at everything we (Simon) had done. He was impressed. Really! He just kept nodding. Ten minutes later he said we should add a handrail to the front stairs and finish the sheathing in the back of the house (Simon forgot) and then get a hold of the office and have notice taken off title and, essentially, just get our occupancy permit.

That’s really it in a nutshell. Simon will complete the two bits of work in the next two days, send in his request and we’re done.

Essentially that’s it, if I understand it all right. And I think I do.

So – yipee! Time to celebrate! Simon has let Susan (our realtor) know. I’m guessing this will help her sell the house (and make her happy?).

So yes – it feels like another big step in the right direction. We are inching closer to the day that we sign yes to an offer, look at each other and say those magic words, “Now what the hell are we going to do?”


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