This man – and this article:


This gives me hope. I got so excited reading this, I started thinking: how can I work for this man?

Interestingly, I recalled a speech a billionaire made about a dozen or more years ago (Bill Gates? – I think so) where he said that we are past the time when we can count on governments to give people or the planet the things that are needed. He indicated that corporations are so powerful now (and we have the best governments those corporations buy) that it is up to those corporations to effect change – social change and environmental change.

It’s good to know that among all the evil rich in the world (Jeff Bezos, Sheldon Adelson and their ilk) there are also people like this. And there are more than only Wyss. This article goes on to name them.

And this gives me reason to hope.

If we are to survive and thrive – and right now I am focussed on survival – then it is up to people like this.

And if the rest of us can be his army – well then, we might just be unstoppable.

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