Holding Pattern

So – first there was this unexpected and totally delightful Bannock Point hike with Nicky and Sheila – after I got my cleaning and vacuuming done so that by the time lunch rolled around I was feeling thoroughly accomplished.

And while I was out having fun (!) Simon finished caulking the new kitchen backsplash and it’s done! What do you think? I am of the opinion that it totally transforms the room.

And then, after lunch, a lovely nap and then sitting at my desk thinking, “Hey! I have the afternoon to myself! I can get some writing done! Or I can play solitaire. Ha! The time is all mine.

I have decided that my desire to volunteer for the Green Party is still going to be fulfilled, just differently than I had thought. My friend on Vancouver Island is considering a run in the Nanaimo Lake Cowichan district and he is eminently qualified. I can’t think of a better candidate. And I feel pretty certain he is going to win. I spoke to him yesterday and offered to do anything I can at a distance. I’ll make sure to contact my network there – and it’s still a good one – and anything else I can do on social media or with my writing skills.

I’ll also stay open to other opportunities – they are out there and I already have an inkling about what I might do. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the Green Party; it can also include other organizations fighting the planet’s imminent doom.

In other news, our realtor is fabulous; Jim is starting work tomorrow on the stair guard and Simon has already made an appointment with the building inspector for a final go-through at the end of this month. Then, fingers, toes and eyeballs crossed, we will get our occupancy permit. With that in hand, we’ll be in far better shape to sell the house.

Also in the meantime, I’m doing all kinds of contorted dances to fend off the weather gods in the hopes the snow will stay at higher elevations: perfect for skiing and snowshoeing with dry roads for driving. Yes!

And finally, I do feel like I am circling the airport in some sort of holding pattern. For too long now, Simon and I have started an awful lot of sentences with, “When the house sells…”

Decisions to be made and actions to be taken – when the house sells. Internally, I have shelved almost all possible plans and thoughts. I don’t want to drift too far in possibilities until that day comes. It feels too frustrating. But when it does – yeah – then it will be time to dig out those plans and get ready to rock & roll.

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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