rough(ish) day

Maybe (given the photo) I should amend this title to “ruff” day  but hey – that’s way to obvious right? A groaner, yes?

I think I’m going to blame it all on the time change and not for the more obvious reasons the day was less than ideal.

It rained (poured) all night and a good deal of the morning. I did get stuff done but my head started hurting midmorning. I had a nap BEFORE lunch. But then we started driving to Nakusp at about 12.15 for Simon’s “staff” lunch at Ray’s house. That’s when it really started – a headache complete with nausea. Ugh!

Was I feeling stressed because I was about to meet a bunch of people? Of course not – I meet people with quiet aplomb all the time. Was I suffering from late lunch low blood sugar because by 12.15 it was (in my system) already 1.15? Of course not. I am tough as nails (those bendy rubber ones).

Was I stressed because I was doing environmental social activism in the morning? Hell no – what’s a bit of backbone straightening arguing etc.? Nothing I can’t handle.

Was I in trouble because it was day 3 of NOT HIKING? Nah – I can handle being a virtual shut-in, right? Right?

Exactly – it was the time change.

So I finally met Ray who is even more of a doll than Simon had led me to believe – and who I instantly adored.

And Simon won a door prize that we immediately spent on a week’s worth of groceries after the do.

And now I’m busy organizing a protest/activist something (don’t actually know what to call it) at our local MLA’s office some time next week.

Oh hurrah! Getting off my butt.

Also hiking tomorrow afternoon.

Life goes on.

About goodyniosi

Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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