Suffering Fools less Gladly

I was raised to be a good little girl – to be a people pleaser – to never upset people or make them angry. Don’t disagree with people, don’t make your opinion heard and, above all, defer to authority – this “authority” especially took the form of powerful men.

Let me tell you what a burden that has been all my life. And it is only now, as I am cresting the hill and getting ready to skate down the other side, that I am learning to overcome it and to make my voice heard. I’m still not sure about the power of my voice, but I’m willing to test its limits.

People often tell my how brave I am hiking alone or doing things like trekking across a country. That has nothing to do with bravery. For me, courage is about standing up and not suffering fools. It’s speaking out and standing my ground. And I’m doing it one step at a time.

I have chosen – well, no – I have not chosen environmental causes – that one chose me. Along with htat is social justice. It’s who I am.

My stand: Defender of the highest ideals of man.

Putting the world on notice: I have taken up arms.

Mostly, the battle has begun on the social media front. I am doing everything I can to denounce what is not right (Trump – Republicans) and get behind what is right (often represented by Bernie Sanders). Those are two very narrow parameters but I’ll use them for the sake of expediency. My biggest challenge is standing up to people who disagree with me, specifically when they are people I admire and people I want to please.

I’m overcoming that. The earth means more to me than any one individual. I will be civil – I will do my utmost not to stoop to slinging mud. That accomplishes nothing. But I will speak. If need be, I will shout.

And today, I spoke out about someone who “should” be on my side. If I want to volunteer and the organization sits back and does nothing, I will let them know – this is not acceptable. I expect to be welcomed aboard and put to work. We can no longer sit around idly hoping for the best. As the esteemed scientists said, we must prepare for what is coming in the same what that we prepared for WW2 – in fact, the situation we find ourselves in is more dire than that.

We have little time to be polite. We must act.

The fight is for our Mother Earth. The fight is for social justice. The two are inexorably linked.

Let the battle begin – and the fools get out of the way.

About goodyniosi

Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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3 Responses to Suffering Fools less Gladly

  1. kayjayo says:

    Such a great post Goody..I feel the same..,,Thank-you for sharing your thoughts…:D

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