Where to next?

There’s a good question. In some way, I’m guessing I ask that of myself a thousand times a day. The answer is usually the same: forward in the direction you are walking.

And then sometimes, I have to question the direction.

Here’s a simple one: where will I go tomorrow? There is a plan afoot to hike up Ruby Ridge. That said, I’m not big on starting a hike midmorning, especially not with the days getting shorter. I’ve been on enough of those to know they rarely get you where you want to go. So – do I go off somewhere on my own? Do I put a suggestion out to my KMC friends?

Yes – I agonize over these decisions – just one more indication of OCD. Sigh.

And then there are the more existential questions about where to go? Where to go with my life and habits? Hopefully I have chosen to go in the right direction. Today – to the Co-op store in Nelson to buy beeswax wraps for produce and bamboo toothbrushes and butter substitutes. Doing my best to look at all the ways I can leave a smaller imprint on the planet. And then, I have to drive such huge distances. I think that’s nagging at me more than anything these days – the distances – the fuel consumption – to say nothing of the cost of that consumption. Akkkk!

And then, of course – where am I going with my life in the big picture of me, which is such a small picture of the planet. But really – Simon and I are selling our house. Where do we go? What’s next?

This is the question I truly have no answer for – this one is absolutely one step in front of the other.

On every level, I am living the life I chose and I continue to create that life – through action or inaction or acquiescence – my life. My choice. To make the best choices possible requires information and consciousness – and also conscientiousness.

Thought is good. I am striving to be more thoughtful every day.

About goodyniosi

Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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