Law of Attraction

Walking the dogs today, I thought about the despair I wrote about yesterday. I thought that perhaps it would be a good idea to stop reading news – just avoid it altogether. Just as quickly, I knew that no, that’s not for me. I believe it is important to stay informed. And I do choose my news sources carefully: CBC, Washington Post, New York Times and Politico. Yes – I see stuff on Facebook, I read some of it, and I check it out (research) fairly regularly.

That said, here’s an older piece I came across today – and it’s good:

Back to the topic on hand: The Law of Attraction. I know this one quite well. I think most people do. What you focus on is what you attract in your life – right? If I focus on golf, I will very likely be playing golf a lot – and so on.

But what so many of us (me included) keep forgetting is that the Law of Attraction does not understand the word “no.” If I focus on the fact that I hate golf and golf courses and everything to do with golf, I’ll get golf in my life – hell, they’ll probably put a golf course next door.

And here we are, (I am) focussing on the awful orange terror and his horrible enablers and what do I get? – nothing but news and anger and frustration about what he and his cohorts are up to.

Years ago, someone in New York asked Mother Teresa (she was visiting) to join in an anti-war protest. She said, “No. But let me know when you march for something and I’ll be there.”

This is the thing. We liberals/progressives have been spending far too much time focussing on what we are against. And that means the things we are against are eating our energy. We had better focus exclusively on what we are for. That’s where we will win. Right now, if you asked me what are the progressives in the U.S. for, the first thing that comes to mind is getting rid of Trump and his enablers. It’s awfully important to focus on the positive right now. It is only by focussing our energy there that we will get what we want.

This is, of course, also true right here in Canada. I can feel my anger every time another environmental law is broken – every time another right-wing nutbar wins a seat and undoes good laws.

It is simply wiser to focus on what we want. What I want is to vote Green – to not save the earth (the earth doesn’t need saving) but to help create a better earth – to support the earth in its regenerating work.

If I can just remember (by pulling myself out of despair) that I am a tiny cog in the mighty wheel but by helping that wheel turn, by doing my little bit for the earth (not against anything) then I am making a difference.

It sounds easy. It’s not. It’s worth putting in the effort.



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