To Care or not to Care

Several nice things today: an autumn walk on what is now officially the finest fall day we have had this year: blue skies and sunshine and the sun providing welcome warmth. Yes – utterly lovely!

And we had a house showing. No – that was not the good part because who knows where it will go or indeed, if it will go anywhere at all; the good thing was that it meant that I cleaned the house thoroughly top to bottom and it does feel very nice to have a clean house.

And it was nice to have a nap – but then of course – the news!

Simon says we must stay away from it. He’s right of course – but it’s impossible not to hear. Kavanagh – a would-be rapist and misogynist is now on the supreme court in the US – and a womanizer and misogynist is president and 47 old white men rule the country. Unfuckingbelievable.

But believable. I see what is happening in my country too. Right wing nutbars taking over – Doug Ford in Ontario and the creeping wave in the prairie provinces – and – well – everywhere. In Europe the fascists are rising.

We have learned nothing – not one goddamned thing from the wars in the early and mid 20th centuries.

Zip. Nil. Nothing. And liberal, kind-hearted earnest folks keep bringing knives to a gunfight. And they’ll keep doing just that because they are kind and liberal and want to spread peace in the world. Jimmy Carter, the kindest, best president the US ever had – one term! Americans want people who will fight, conquer and be masters over the world. They don’t appear to give a shit about justice or equal rights for all.

Constitution? Really? Give me a break! Mere words signifying nothing.

What is inscribed on the Statue of Liberty? A joke.

But that is there and this is here and I see what Canada is doing – raping the land, ignoring climate change – the direst threat to our world. We are sinking fast.

But I am not angry. No – not now. I feel nothing but despair and hopelessness. Our world is ruled by the oligarchs of industry – corporations have bought governments or they overthrow them where they can. Mercenaries kill when no one looks.

I am fully awake to what is going on and I despair because I see no avenue of escape or reformation.

As Simon says, we have to be aware – yes – but then, so as not to sink into depression – focus on our lives and do the very best we can to live the best life we can. Not always an easy thing to do. But I see the sense of it.

It helps to get out and hike – to be in nature, to work my body – to be in a place of beauty. I seesaw between the huge picture and the microcosm. More and more, I see the sense of focussing on the immediate world around me  the one I can influence. I am beyond thinking that there is anything I can do to alter the big picture. All might well be lost.

But, being human, I carry a small flame of hope. Maybe the women will be angry enough to vote for change in the mid-terms. Maybe.

Meanwhile, all we can do here is plot and plan our future to give us the best chance of a happy life.

What a world!

About goodyniosi

Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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4 Responses to To Care or not to Care

  1. Donna Ramsden says:

    I, too, live in despair when I see what is happening in the world.
    And, yes, I do have to bring my focus to my own minuscule sphere of influence and walking in nature grounds me and nourishes my soul.
    Everything you wrote resonated with me….thank you!

  2. The roller coaster of emotion from shock to frustration to despair … I fear falling into hopelessness like you. Can our little puddle of circle of influence ripple outwards to more, I guess we will see.

  3. goodyniosi says:

    Chris – I hope the puddle become a lake and teh lake becomes an ocean – I hope.

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