The Future

It seems impossible to believe that this was my lunchtime view just 3 days ago.

Today it is raining. Sorry – correction – it is pouring. No – not adequate – it is coming down in torrents and bucketfuls. I stepped out of my car and into the house – 20 steps – and I was pretty much soaked.

Isn’t it wonderful! Makes me not miss the West Coast at all.

So tomorrow we are going to attack Toad Mountain. Not if it’s pouring – and it shouldn’t But I’m betting that the ground under our feet will be a tad squishy.

Enough of that – on to Abby. I heard her whimper a couple of hours after I went to bed. Went downstairs convinced I would have to spend the night on the couch. Turns out a bit of cuddling put her back to sleep and all was well. This morning, I got her anti-inflammatories into her easily and she didn’t even know she was getting her pain pill  – snuck it inside a slice of banana. Yeah, I know – for most dogs it’s peanut butter or cheese. Not Abby – she loves bananas. And she’s so much better. I had the dogs out twice on the back 4 and Abby has done fine. Still, she has spent most of the day in bed but that’s as much due to the weather as to her poor sore face. As if a couple of tooth extractions weren’t enough, her right eye is all bruised and swollen. But she is very much better.

And I’m awfully relieved about that.

So today – just a lot of laundry and cleaning and baking. Anything to avoid going outside. And a lot of listening to feelings. It’s always easier to do that in the stillness.

I’ve been thinking about the future and, of course, because Simon and I are selling the house (although it is off the market now) we necessarily have to give a lot of thought to what happens next.

I am putting my energy into looking at what will work for both of us. Being me, and still fairly allergic to commitment (which means wanting a back door or escape hatch open) I always have a Plan B – in hiking as in life, given that the one rule of life I am certain about is “The way you do one thing is the way you do everything.” That said, I also know that once I have a Plan A and I put a foot on that path, I go for it to the end. (as I do in hiking).

So – Plan A – do everything in my (our) power to find a next place that makes us both happy. I love Simon. I want a future with him – a forever future – and that means not compromising what each of us loves but rather finding a place where both our needs, wants and loves mesh. We both deserve to be happy. We both need to live our best lives. I am well aware that we are independent individuals and we both value autonomy – incredibly important. We also both value what we have together. It may be a tough assignment – make a happy future for both of us. I think we’re smart and caring enough to make it happen.

So that’s what the future looks like – planning for happiness for two.

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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