Whitewater Canyon and Mountain Thoughts

Today – Plan B, which was originally Plan A – but then, I suppose, became Plan C. Yes, it’s a long story. In essence, Tammy and I wanted to do Whitewater but then changed to Idaho but when we found the road closed, wonderful, amazing Simon, said, “Take the truck – I’ll do firewood tomorrow” – and we were able to go to Whitewater.

And we could not have had a better hike. The fall colours were crazy beautiful and it didn’t rain and although, the snow started just around the top of the hump, that was fine. We didn’t need to go any farther today.

It was a beauty – the kind of day in the mountains that made me feel so full, I felt like I’d just eaten a seven-course “nature beauty” meal.

And I thought about that – about this thing with mountains. But it’s not just mountains: it can be the ocean, or deserts or rolling prairies. I think that we humans need to get out into these places that are bigger than we are. They remind us of our connection. They remind us that we are not gods and goddesses – and that we are gods and goddesses, but only because we are part of this.

We worship these places that are bigger than we are. Throughout history, architects have designed places of worship that are huge and airy and spacious – to make us smaller. But they missed their mark. These churches and cathedrals are truly meant to make us smaller than “god.” But nothing can take the place of nature, where we stand in awe of a giant redwood tree, or a towering mountain, or the rushing surf of the ocean – it is here were we know we are smaller, but more importantly, where we feel the love for these things – where we have the opportunity to reconnect with nature – to be again a part of her. Rather than making us less than god, nature embraces us and makes us part of.

I think we hug trees because we want to exchange our energy, to connect as closely as possible. We recognize the kinship and the shared energy.

I think an enormous piece of the troubles in our world is this disconnect we have in the seats of power – city streets and more city streets. People forget – and when they do, they lose an important part of themselves, perhaps the most important part.

And so today was an especially deep experience of being connected and being a part of it all.

And I feel blessed.

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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