Anxiety and Happiness

So I was going to write all about my anxiety and what it’s all about and why I have it and I got half a dozen words into it and backspaced.

These are things for me to handle quietly and in solitary contemplation.

Anxiety is new to me. I’m too far out of my comfort zone and incidents from the past are telling me “this is just like then.”

So – my job is to live each day at a time. Take it one step at a time. Find the good in each day and no matter what the day brings, there is happiness to be gleaned. For instance: lunch, a nap and chocolate. Yay!

I put the garden to bed yesterday! Yay!

Hiking tomorrow and Thursday! In sunshine! Double yay!

And this whole Kavanaugh thing? And this whole thing about Trudeau signing on with the US in the War on Drugs? And the climate? I realized just now that one of the reasons it has me so angry and so down is because I feel helpless. I want to actively DO something! Like, for instance, slap Brett Kanvanaugh across his pouty little lips – or yank Trump’s hair really hard and kick every Republican senator in the shins.

I would feel so very much better.

I’d feel even better if I was running for office (any office) – oh the speeches I would make…

About goodyniosi

Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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